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The Essence of Puranas – Brahmanda Purana -5

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The Essence of Puranas – Brahmanda Purana

28    Lalita Sahasra Naama Phala Shruti

Iteyna Naama Sahasramcha kathitam tey Ghatodbhavah,

Rahasyaanaam rahasyamcha Lalitaa preeti daayakam/

Anena sadrusham Stotram na Bhutam na Bhavishyati,

Sarva roga prashanam Sarva sampadprabandhakam/

Sarvaapamrityu shamanakaala Mrityu nivaarinam,

Sarvajjwaraarti shamanam Deerghayushya pradaayakam/

Putrapradamaputraanaam Purushaarthapradaayakam,

Idam Viseshaacchridevyaah Stotram Preetividhaayakam/

Japennityam Prayatnena Lalitopaasti tatparah,

Praatah Snaatwaa Vidhaanena Sandhyaa  Karma samaapyacha/

Puja griham tato gatwaa Chakra Raajam samarchyayet,

Japey sahasram vaa Trishatam shatameyvacha/

(Agastya Muni! Recitation of this highly Sacred and Secret Lalita Sahasra-naama Stotra is unparalleled either in the Past or in Future. This Stotra prevents diseases,  untimely and nagging deaths, extends life, bestows progeny and fulfills the Purushardhaas of Dharma-Artha-Kaama-Moksha.Hayagrivadeva strongly advised that one should make a sincere effort to recite the Stotra after purifying the body and mind, enter the Puja Griha,  perform the Sandhyaa Vandana and Gayatri Japa, worship the Shri Chakra formally and then recite the Devi Lalita Sahasra Naamaavali. The Punya that is accrued by bathing in Sacred Rivers like Ganga innumerable times or the Fruit secured by performing Prathishta of countless Shiva Lingas in Varanasi or the Phala secured by giving away Daanaas during Surya Grahana or Solar Eclipse at Kurukshetra would indeed exceed the Recitation of the Sahasra Naama. Digging wells and water bodies in deserts, performing Ashwamedha Yagnas on the banks of Ganga, organising ‘Anna Daanaas’to several Brahmanas, would all far exceed the Punya gained by the Recitation. Reciting even one Stanza of the Stotra would suffice to demolish serious sins, especially neglecting daily duties and continuously and conciously resorting to confirmed deeds of vice. It is like going to Himalayas to get rid of biting cold would be as infructuous as demolishig sins by means other than of reciting the Sahasra Naama! The Phala Shruti futher stated that the Recitation of the Stotras would be specially fruiful on Sacred days of Sankraanti, Vishu, birthdays of Self and near-dears, Navamis, Chaturdashis, Purnimas and on all Fridays. On Purnami evenings one could vision Devi Lalita in the Chandra Bimba and recitation at that time would provide far-reaching fruits of worship of which Devi Sahasranama is a significant input.

Sarva vyaadhi nivruttvartham Sprushtwaa Bhasma Japedidam

Tadbhasma dhaaranaadeva nashyanti Vyaadhayah Kshanaat!  

(To overcome all kinds of ailments, one should apply bhasma or ash on the body of the patient concerned by reciting the Stotra and indeed the latter would recover as soon as the Recitation is over. Persons affected by ‘Graha Peedaas’ or obstacles posed by Nava Grahas are bathed in the waters collected by vessels would soon be freed from the Planetary Aberrations. Even poison in the body would melt away by consuming water infused with the Mantras. A ‘kanya’ of one’s desire for a man, or a childless woman intensely craving for a  child, a bhakta desirous of overcoming ‘dushta prayogaas’ of Low Class and Abhicharika Shaktis, a devoted person who is a victim of theives and robbers or any such devotees of need, or redressal or justice are all well advised to most earnestly worship Lalita Devi who would fulfil all human aspirations with certainty.

29    Shri Lalita Trishati Naama Stotra

Sakumkuma vilepanaa malikachumbi Kasturikaam,
Samanda hasitekshanaam Sashara Chaapa pashaamkushaam/
Asesha jana Mohinimaruna maalya bhushaambaraam,
Japaakusuma bhaasuraam Japavidhou smaredambikaam/

Nyasah: Asya Sri Lalita Trishathi Stotra Maha Mantrasya, Bhagavan Hayagreeva Rishih; Anushtup Chandah; Sri Lalita Maha Tripura Sundhari Devata, Ayim Bija- Klim Shaktih-Sou keelakam-Mama Chaturvidha Purushartha Siddhyardhey Japey Viniyogah Lamityaadabhiramganyaasa Karanyaasaah Kaaryaah Dhyaanam:

Ati Madhura Chaapa Hastaamaparimitaa moda baana Sowbhagyaam,
Arunaamatishaya Karunaamabhinava Kula Sundarim Vandey/

( My salutations to you Devi! You carry a Sacred Bow with Sugar Cane with countless arrows that bestow prosperity; indeed you are the embodiment of kindness and happiness with youthful beauty)

Kakaara Roopa Kalyani Kalyana Guna Shalini
Kalyana Shaila Nilaya Kamaniya Kalavathi
Kamalakshi Kalmashagni Karunamritha Sagara
Kadambha Kananavaasa Kadamba Kusuma Priya
Kandarpa Vidya Kandarpa Janakaapaanga Veekshanaa
Karpoora veetee Sourabhya Kallolitha Kakuptataa
Kali Dosha Haraa Kanja Lochanaa Kamra Vigrahaa
Karmadi Saakshini Karayatree Kamra Phala Pradha/

(Devi! You are the representation of the Alphabet ‘Ka’ that stands for Radiance which incidentally is the First Letter of the Pancha Dashi Maha Mantra viz. Ka Ye Ee La Hreem, Ha Sa Ka Ha La Hreem, Sakala Hreem; You are Kalyani or the Essence of Auspiciousness; with all characteristics of Goodness; mounted on the peak of virtue; you are the tasteful refinement and an abode of aesthetics; with alluring lotus-eyes; a proven destroyer of filthy sins; Karunaamrita Saagaraa or a nectar-like ocean of compassion; freely moving about celestial gardens of Kadamba trees as you would love to be adorned with the fragrant Kadamba flowers like clean thoughts and deeds; You are the adorable Personification of Love and its total knowledge; as the Mother of Love, materialised Manmadha by your mere sight; Devi! You enjoy the juice of betel leaves with the taste of scented material and spread the whole Universe with joy; you destroy the evil effects of Kali Yuga; you protect the worlds with your lotus-eyed looks; you are possessed of a demeanor that binds every mind; you are the sole witness of every thought and deed prompting every one to perform actions and also decide on the outcome of all such actions.)

Ekaara Roopachaikaaksharainyekaakshraakrithih
Ethathaditya Nirdesyaa chaikaananda Chidaakrithih
Evamithyaagama bodhya chaika Bhakthi madarchidaa
Ekagra Chitta nirdhyathachaishanaa rahitadruta
Ela Sugandhi Chikura chainahkuta Vinasini
Eka Bhogaachaika Rasachaikaikaishwarya Pradayini
Ekaatha Pathra Samrajyapradha chaikaanta Poojitha
Edhamaana Prabhaachaijadanejajjagadeeswari
Eka Veeraadi Samsevyaachaika Prabhaava Shalini

( Devi! You are of the alphabet Form ‘Ea’ standing for Para Brahma or the Absolute Truth and that is the Second Letter of the ‘Pancha Dashaakshari’; this is also the Unique and Sacred Letter OM; indeed you are the image of each and every Letter and can not be decided as this or that Letter since you are the Epitome of Knowledge and Enlightenment; You are beyond the description that Scriptures could impart and could be possibly be realised only by single-minded devotion; you could be meditated with focussed determination and pure thought by total surrender and detachment ; Devi! Your hairs are of sweet flavours; you are the personification of pleasures and love rescinding all traces of sins and vices; you can bestow the greatest gift of ‘Ekaishwarya’; you can even grant the wish of becoming an Emperor of the Universe effortlessly; you can be overcome by worship in concentrated solitude; Jagadeshwari! You are the Outstanding Sourcer of Splendour and Energy worshipped by the most Valiant and the Resolute as you are the Eka Prabhaava Shalinya or the Unique Symbol of Magnificence!)

Eekaara Roopini Eesithri chepsitaarthaa pradayini
Eedrigithya Vinirdishya cheshvaratya Vidhayini
Eeshaanaadi Brahmamayi cheshatwaadyashta Siddhidha
Eekshithri Eekshana Srushtyanda Kotireeshwara Vallabha
Eeditha cheshwaraardhaanga Shareereshaadhi Devatha
Eeshwara Prerana Kari chesha Thandava Saakshini
Eeshwarothsanga Nilaya chetibaadhaa Vinasini
Eeha Virahitha chesha Shakthireeshat Smithaanana/

(You are the Third Letter Ee of the Alphabet symbolising Supreme Energy that mobilises the Universe; the motivation and drive of actions; the benevolent provider of the ‘Eepsitarthaas’or desires irrespective of limitations or restrictions; in fact you make the devotees feel that they are of ‘Ishvaratwa’ by themselves! Devi! You are the Union of Pancha Devas viz. Brahma-Vishnu-Rudra-Ishwara-Sadaa Shiva; You are the Benefactor of Ashta Siddhis viz. Anima, Mahima, Garima, Laghima, Prapti, Prakamya, Ishatwa and Vashitya; You are Eekshtri or the Cause and Observer; by your mere looks are created crores of Beings; the Sacred Scriptures are not tired of your grandeur; Eshwara Vallabha! Eswaraartha Sharirini! Eshwaraadhi Devata! Eshwara Prerana kari! Eshwara Tandava Saakshini or the Distinctive Spectator of Shiva’s Cosmic Dance; the Excusive Seater on Shiva’s lap; Devi! You are the Singular Power that could terminate all kinds of catastrophes; you are desireless as no aspiration is beyond you; the Supreme Shakti within Eshwara; and of the Supreme Countenance of magnetic smiles!

Lakaara Roopa Lalitha Lakshmi Vani Nishevitha
Laakhini Lalana Roopa Lasadh Dharadima Paatala
Lalanthika Lasadhphaalaa Lalata Nayanaarchita
Lakshanojjwala Divyangi Laksha Kodyanda Nayika
Lakshyartha Lakshanaagamya Labdhakama Lathathanuh
Lalaamarajadalika Lamba Muktha Lathanchitha
Lambodara Prasurlabhyaa Lajjaadhyaa Laya Varjitha

( Lalita Devi! You are of the Form of the Letter La connoting upsurge of Mental Calibre or sagacity being the fourth Letter of the Pancha Dashaakshari Mantra; Lalita or the Emblem of Softness and Simplicity of a Mother to a Child; served by Lakshmi the Symbol of Prosperity and Vani the Insignia of Learning; You are Laakhini or of easy access; Laalana Rupa or of the feminine quality of nurturing; of the delicious tenderness of an opened pomegranate and of a lustrous forehead embellished with a red dot of Tilaka; Devi! You are venerated by Parameshwara who has a third eye on his Lalaata; you are splendid with excellence as the Utmost Sovereign of Lakhs and Crores of Universes; the Lakshyaartha or the Inner Connotation and Lakshyagamya or the Ultimate Destination to reach; Labhda Kaama or the Fulfillment of Desires; Lataatanu or of a supple physique over which creepers tend to crawl; Devi! You are adorned with red Tilaka on the forehead and with long chains of pearls; indeed you are attainable with pure commitment though! Ganeshwara Mataa! You shy away from the unworthy; and as the Everlasting One you are immune from Pralayas or the Great Annihilations).

Hreemkaara Roopa Hreemkaara Nilaya Hreem Pada Priya
Hreemkaara Beejaa Hreemkaara Mantra Hreemkaara Lakshana
Hreemkara Japa Supreetha Hreemathih Hreemvibhushana
Hreem Shila Hreem Padaaraadhya Hreem Garbha Hreem Padaabhidha
Hreemkara Vaachya Hreemkara Poojya Hreemkara Peethigaa
Hreemkara Vedya Hreemkara Chinthya Hreem Hreem Shareerini

( Devi! You are the Hreemkaara Shakti symbolising Power and Authority being the Fifth Letter of the Alphabets and the Heem Mantra of Pancha Dashaakshari; You reside in the Hreem Shabda as you are highly fascinated with it; you are the latent implication of the Mantra which is typically of your own; you readily get invoked by the ‘brand’ and be responsive to its recitation; indeed your are Hreemati or heart-mind-Soul; Hreem Vibhushana ot its Ornament; Hreem Sheela or possessive of the features of Brahma-Vishnu-Maheshwara; You are easily accessible by the worship of the word Hreem; You are the Vachya or the Meaning; the Pujya or the worshippable; the Peethika or the basis; the Vedya or the realisable; the Chintya or the conduit of meditation; Hreem or the Provider of Fulfillment; Hreem Sharirini or of Hreem as your Physique; Devi! You indeed are the byword of Hreem!

Hakara Roopa Haladhrith Poojitha Harinekshana
Harapriya Haraaraadhya Hari Brahmendravanditha
Haya Rudhaa Sevithanghrir Hayamedha Samarchita
Haryaksha Vahanaa Hamsa Vahanaa Hatha Danava
Hathyadi Papa Samani Haridashwaadi Sewitha
Hasthi Kumbhothunga Kucha Hasthi Kritthi Priyaangana
Haridra Kumkumaa Digdhaa Haryaswadya Amaraaarchidha
Harikesha Sakhi Hadhi Vidya Halaa Madaalasa

( Devi! You are of Ha kaara Rupa or of the sixth Letter of Alphabet signifying Courage and Intrepidity for the demolition of Shatru Sena or of the Armies of Antagonists; recitation of the Hakaara of Panchadasakshari Mantra is stated to overcome enemies from within and without; You are worshipped by Balarama who had the reputation of carrying a Plough to assert his prowess in battles; Harinekshana or of the attractiveness of deer’s looks; Harapriya or the darling of Maha Deva; you are worshipped by Shiva and saluted reverentially by Vishnu-Brahma-and Indras ; the entire cavalry mounted on horses perform sincere pujas to secure victories; the Performers of Ashmamedha Yagnas seek your benevolence to obtain their desires; Durga Devi who mounts on Lions too beseeches your grace; Saraswati who rides a Swan implores your assistance; Devas who kill Danavas beg of your kindness; Being merciful you mitigate the severity of even sins like murders; Indra who rides green horses is ever reverential to you; those feminine Shaktis whose breasts are as elevated as elephant heads crave your indulgence and venerate you; You are the beloved of Lord Shiva who likes to be clad with Gaja Charma or Elephant Skin as he granted the dying wish of Gajasura whom he sent to Kailasha; Lalita! Your brilliant body is smeared with haridra-kumkuma powder pastes (turmeric and saffron); Indra and Amaras are never tired of worship as you are their constant Saviour; Hariksha Sakhi or the Companion of Shiva with green tresses; Devi! You are the Symbol of Haadi Vidya viz. Ha-Sa-Ka-La-Hrim--Ha-Sa-Ka-Ha-La-Hrim--Sa-Ka-La-Hrim; You are intoxicated with the grape juice of the Ocean of wine!)

Sakaara Roopa Sarvagjna Sarveshi Sarva Mangala
Sarva Karthri Sarva Dharthri Sarva Hanthri Sanathani
Sarvaanavadya Sarvanga Sundari Sarva Saakshini
Sarvaatmika Sarva Sowkhya Daatri Sarva Vimohini
Sarvaadhara Sarvagatha Sarvaavaguna Varjitha
Sarvaaruna Sarva Maatha Sarva Bhushana Bhushitha/

( The Sixth Letter of Alphabet ‘Sa’ as also the Sixth Letter of Panchadashaakshari embodies Affluence and Contentment; Devi! You are the Omniscient; Omni-Potent; the Form of Auspiciousness; Sarva Kartri or the Performer of all the Deeds; Sarva Dhatri or the One who is the fulcrum of all the Beings and again Sarva Hantri or the Destroyer of Every Thing; the Sanaatani or the Ageless, Originless and the Everlasting; the Spotless; the Sarvaanga Sundari; the Singular Witness of the Happenings; the all Pervasive Super-Soul; the Provider of Happiness to one and all; the Spell-Binder; the Foundation of Every Entity; the Omni-Present; Devoid of all Shortcomings; the ever fresh beginning like the emerging Sun’s crimson on the horizon; the Mother of all and every thing; and the finality of Ornamentation as you are the Supreme Embellishment yourself!)

Kakaararthaa Kaala Hanthri Kameshi Kamithartha Daa
Kama Sanjivani Kalya Kathina Sthana Mandala
Kara Bhoruh Kalaa Nadha Mukhi Kacha Jitambudaa
Kataakshasyandi Karuna Kapaali Pranan Nayika
Karunya Vigrahaa Kanthaa Kanthi Dhootha Japavalih
Kalalaapaa Kambhu Kanthi Kara Nirjitha Pallavaa
Kalpavalli Sama Bhuja Kasthuree Thilakojjwalaa/

(The Eighth Letter of Alphabet ‘Ka’ stands for Illumination and Perception being the eighth Shabda of the Pancha Dashaakshari Mantra of Lalita Devi; You are Kaala Hantri or the Terminator of the Terminator or the Concluder of the Time-Cycle at the time of the Great Annihilation; Kameshi! You govern hopes and aspirations; you also fulfil the wishes; indeed you revived Kaama the Deity of Love from his end from a heap of ash burnt from Shiva’s Third Eye; you are the Originator, Adroiter and Bestower of all the Fine Arts; the Possessor of firm and hard breasts and of robust thighs like those of an elephant trunk; of a charming countenance like the full moon; with hair like dark and thick clouds; of compassionate looks ready to ignore the blemishes of Beings; Devi! You are the consort of Kapaali; the Embodiment of Benevolence; Kantaa or the Flagship of Femininity; far more shimmering than the best of flowers; with punctuated style of conversation; with a conch-like neck and hands of gentleness like soft flower-buds; your arms are charming and thin like Kalpa Valli creepers; Lalita! Your forehead is embellished with Kasturi Tilaka or the thin spot of musk.)

Hakaaraarthaa Hamsa Gatirhaatakaabharanojjwalaa
Haarahaari kuchaabhoga Haakini Halya Varjitha
Harithpathi Samaaraadhyaa Hathaathkaara Hathaasura
Harsha Pradaa Havirbhoktri Haarda Santhama Saapahaa
Halleehaalasya Santhushta Hamsa Mantrartha Rupini
Hanopaadaana Nirmuktha Harshini Hari Sodari
Haahaa Hoohoo Mukha Sthutya Hani Vriddhi Vivarjitha
Hayyangavina Hridaya Harikopaarunamshukaa/

(The Letter ‘Hakaara’ signifies Wealth and Gallantry being the ninth Letter of Pancha Dashaakshari; Devi! You are a Hamsa Gamana or of a Swan’s Pace; adorned with golden ornaments; your jewellery on the chest does indeed allure Shiva; you are Hakini or the One who snaps servitudes to usher freedom literally as also of the chains of Samsara; you refrain from the evil thoughts and deeds; you are adored by the Ashta Dikpalakas viz. Indra, Agni, Yama, Nirruti, Vaayu, Varuna, Kubera and Ishaana; you killed Asuras instantly and suddenly by your bravery; acclaimed as the Source of Bliss; you relish the dance of maidens ; you have unparalleled expertise in Hamsa Mantra and the regulation of Pranayaama; you are devoid of desires but distributes happiness and contentment; the sister of Hari; Gandharvas praise you on your face as Haahaa Hoohu; you are far above the features of growth, decay or death; on witnessing the tribulations of various Beings, your heart melts like butter but on getting angry your visage turns red.

Lakaararthaa Latha Poojya Laya Sthithudbhaveswari
Lasya Darshana Santhushta Labhaalaabha Vivarjitha
Langhyetharaagjnaa Lavanya Shalini Laghu Siddhida
LaakshaarasaSavarnaabha Lakshmanagraja Poojitha
Labhyetara Labdha Bhakthi Sulabha Langalaayudhaa
Lagna Chaamara Hastha Shri Sharada Parivijitha
Lajjaapada Samaraadhya Lampata Lakuleshwari
Labdha Maanaa Labdha Rasaa Labdha Sampath Samunnatih/

( Devi! The Tenth Letter ‘La’of the Alphabet is also the Tenth of the Pancha Dasaakshari is indicative of ‘Karma’ or the result of the deeds of one’s past. You are esteemed and worshipped by the womanhood of chastity; the Supreme of the Universe in all the stages of Birth, Growth and Destruction alike; witnessing the joyous dance of women gives you immense pleasure; You are far above the considerations of profits and losses; Mother, your instructions are always carried out and never questioned and indeed none whosoever dared to ask you questions! You are matchless in elegance and poise; you give away Siddhis with least devotion and reverence; you shower kindness with minimal efforts like melting gold is sealed in wax; Lord Shri Rama the incarnation of Vishnu performed regular pujaas to you to bestow the capacity to uproot Adharma; you save persons regardless of their deeds and fruits; you are very easily won over with selfless devotion; some times you carry plough as a weapon like Adi Sesha to punish the vicious; Lakshmi and Sharada serve you with ‘Chaamara’ as a hand fan; you make exceptions to Principles of your own making some times to save situations; Devi! Several Groups of persons from varied backgrounds are unanimous in their unity in devotion to you albeit in the methodologies of their worship; you are venerated by one and all as you are the Finality of Happiness and Prosperity.)

Hrinkaarini Hrinkaraadi Hrim Madhya Hrim Shikhamanih
Hrimkaara Kundaagni Shikha Hrimkaara Shashi Chandrika
Hrimkaara Bhaskara Ruchir hrimkaraamboda Chanchalaa
Hrimkara Kandam Kuritaa Hrimkaaraika Paraayanaa
Hrimkara Deerghika Hamsi Hrimkarodyana Kekini
Hrimkaraaranya Harini Hrimkaaraavaala Vallari
Hrimkara Panjara Suki Hrimkarangana Deepika
Hrimkara Kandaraa Simhi Hrimkaraambhuja Bhringika
Hrimkara Sumano Maadhvi Hrimkaara Tharu Manjari

(Devi! You are the Emblem of the Eleventh Letter of the Pancha Dashaakshari Mantra Hreemkara denoting All-Pervasiveness of the Supreme Shakti; Hrimkaaraadi signifies Hrim and Om Mantraas; Hrim Madhya means the Cause of Universal Existence and yourself; Hrim Shikhamani or you wear Hrim on your head; you are the Agni Kunda and Agni Shikha named Hrimkaara; You are the life-providing rays of Moonshine which too is called Hrim; you are the heat and dazzle generated by Surya Deva which is named Hrim; it is the lightning of black clouds and yourself which is called Hrim; it is yourself and the germination of tuber from a seed which is Hrim; you are the Reciter of Hrim as you trust and depend on it; it is the Hamsa / Swan moving freely in a Sarovara is called Hrim; the Peacock dancing with gay abandon in a garden is called Hrim; the deer enjoying its playful jumps in a forest is known as Hrim; you as the climber from a flower bed is Hrim; the green parrot in a cage is Hrim; the deepika or the light kept in a court yard is Hrim; a lion resting in a mountain cave is Hrim; Devi! Even an insect which is yourself hovering around a lotus in water is Hrim; the honey in a flower which too is of your own Form is Hrim; a cluster of flowers that appears on a tree is also called Hrim!

Sakaraakhya Samarasaa Sakalaagama Samstutaa
Sarva Vedantha Tatparya Bhoomi Sad Asada Asraya
Sakhala Satchidananda Saadhya Sadgathi Dayini
Sanakadi Muni Dhyeya Sada Shiva Kutumbini
Sakaladhishtaana Roopa Sathya Roopa Samaa Krithih
Sarva Prapancha Nirmathri Samanadhika Varjitha
Sarvothunga Sangahina Saguna Sakaleshtadaa/

(Devi! You are the Twelfth Form of the Alphabet ‘Sa’which is also the twelfth Letter of the Pancha Dasaakshari Mantra indicating Gunaateeta Shakti or the Power of Featurelessness. You are the underlying energy that is all-pervasive all over in the Universe; commended by all the Scriptures in a single tone; you are the Singular Abode where the Essence of Vedantas is manifested; that indeed is the Place where Thuth and Illusion are clearly distinguished; you are the Finality where you are in your Full Form of Sacchidanada or the Union of Truth-Awakening-Bliss; yet, you are not in imagination but possible of Realisation; you bestow the blessing of Sadgati or the Path for Realisation; Maha Munis like Sanaka had meditated and achived you; as the counterpart of Maha Deva you belong to the Totality; the Merger Point of all kinds of Faiths and Institutions of worships; You are the Substance of Truth and Impartial in the true sense; you have materialised the Prapancha; you are the matchless; you are the Supreme; you have no features; you have no attachments; and indeed you are the Greatest Provider of what one wishes and deserves!)

Kakaarini Kavya Lola Kameshwara Manohara
Kameswara Prananaadi Kamesotsanga Vasini
Kameshawara Alingatangi Kameshwara Sukha Pradha
Kameshwara Pranayini Kameshwara Vilasini
Kameshwara Tapasiddhi Kameshwara Manah Priya
Kameshwara Prananadhaa Kameshwara Vimohini
Kameshwara Brahma Vidya Kameshwara Griheswari
Kameshwaraahladhakari Kameshwara Maheswari
Kameshwari Kama Koti Nilaya Kaankshithartadaa/

(Kakaarini or the Thirteenth Letter of Alphabet ‘Ka’ denoting Fullfillment and also the Thirteenth Letter of the Pancha Dasaakshari Mantra; Devi! You derive immense pleasure as you are acclaimed in ‘Kavyaas’ or Spiritual Texts; you are the enticer of Maha Deva’s thoughts; the true reflector of Kameshwara’s thoughts and dispositions; you are always present in his blissful company; in fact you are in the physical union of Kameshwara; providing happiness to Kameshwara as his heart’s throb and pulse-watcher; indeed you are the fruit of Kameshwara’s ‘Tapasshakti’; you are his dearest; Life’s Master; and Mesmeriser; you are the Brahma Vidya that enables you to reach the destination of Kameswara; you reside in the Abode of Kameshwara which is truly the Universe in totality! You gladden Kameshwara as Maheshwari of Kameshwara; as Kameshwari, you are the alternative Form of Kameshwara; you are Kamakoti Nilaya fulfilling all kinds of ‘Kaamaas’or desires.)

Lakarini Labdha Roopa Labhdhadhir Labhdha Vanchitha
Labhdha Paapa Manodoora Labhdha Ahankara Durgama
Labhdha Shakthi Labhdha Deha Labdha Iswarya Samunnathi
Labhdha Vriddhi Labhdha Leela Labhdha Youvana Shalini
Labhdaatishyaya Sarvaangaa Soundarya Labhdha Vibhrama
Labhdha Ragaa Labhdha Gati Labhdha Nanaagama Sthithih
Labhdha Bhoga Labhdha Sukhaa Labhdha Harshaabhi Pujita/

(Lakaarini Devi! You are the Alphabet Letter ‘La’, the Fourteenth word of the Pancha Dasaakshari Mantra signifying ‘Prapti’ or the Deservedness or Merit; you are the Swarupa of Fulfillment; achievable by Jnaana; the Provider of desires; distanced from Sinners; impossible of achievement by egomaniacs; the giver of powers to those whom you will; and the bestower of Affluence whom you select; Devi! You are infinite and there is nothing more that you could accomplish; you are spirited and bouncy at your own volition; you are youthful forever; you are the Epitome of Beauty as you prefer; you get the Universe surprised as per your discretion; you have fulfilled all that you decided; you have secured an illustrious husband as per your option; you direct the Scriptures at your command; you enjoy for the sake of yourself and experience the highest mark of fulfillment)

Hrimkara Moorthirhrimkaara Soudha Shringa Kaphotika
Hrimkara Dughabdhi Sudha Hrimkara Kamalendira
Hrimkara Mani Deeparchi Hrimkara Tharusharika
Hrimkara Petikaa Manirhrimkaradarsha Bimbikha
Hrinkara Koshaasilatha Hrimkara Sthana Narthaki
Hrimkara Shuktikaa Mukthaamanirhrimkara Bodhitha
Hrimkaramaya Souvarna Stambha Vidruma Puthrika
Hrimkara Vedhoupanishad Hrimkaraadhwara Dakshina
Hrimkara Nandaanarama Nava Kalpaka Vallari
Hrimkara Himavath Ganga Hrimkaraarnava Kousthubha
Hrimkara Mantra Sarwaswaa Hrimkarapara Sowkhyada/

(Hrimkaara Murti! You are the characterisation of Hrim the final and fifteenth Letter of Devi Panchadashaakshari Mantra indicative of Paripurnata or Fullness; You are comparable to a Dove representing Peace and Tranquility atop the Palace called Hrim; the ‘Amrit’churned from the Ocean of Milk named as Hrim; the Lakshmi Swarupa seated comfortably on the surface of a Lotus flower as designated by the Mantra of Hrim; the lustrous ‘Mani Deepa’ despelling darkness around is called Hrim; the singing bird sitting pretty on a lofty tree is called Hrim; the charming ‘Mani’ kept secure in a box is called Hrim; the reflection of an Image in a mirror is called Hrim; the sharp sword encased in a sheath is called Hrim; a vibrant dansuese in action on a broad stage to a mellifluous musical note is called Hrim; a pearl in an oyster shell is called Hrim; Devi! The process of Instruction to devotees about the meaning of the Scriptures is called Hrim; the precious Murti decorated on golden pillars is Hrim; the Upanishads arranged on top of Vedas is called Hrim; the Dakshina tipped to a Dwarapalaka is also known as Hrim; the ever climbing creeper from a plant bed in a garden is called Hrim; the River of Ganges on the Himalayan Mountain Range is designated as Hrim; the invaluable Koustubha thrown up from by the waves from the depths of an Ocean is called Hrim; the Totality of Mantras materialised in the Universe is summarised as Hrim; and the maximum Fund of Happiness collected from all over in the Universe too is called Hrim!)
[Pancha Dasi Maha Mantra :
Ka- Ea- Ee-La-Hreem, Ha Sa Ka Ha La Hreem, Sa-Ka-La-Hreem ]

30    Shri Lalitaa Trishati Stotra Phala Shruti

Chanting Lalita Trishati even once sets the mind-set straight and clean.The more one chants or even hears, the more one takes steps forward. Bhagavan Hayagriva assured Agasthya Muni that by chanting Lalita Trishati even once would help to attain peace of mind. Its practice without desires transforms the heart, mind and Soul. Fulfillment follows as a consequence, for the Decider is Lalita Herself. As one sows, so one reaps!



Preface : Anga Nyaasa and Karanyasa:

Asyashri Lalitaa Sahasranaama Stotra maalaa Mantrasya, Vasinyaadi Vaagdevataa Rishayah Anushthup Chhandaha Shri Lalitaa Mahaa Tripura Sundari Devataa, Aim-Shaktih, Sau Keelakam, Mama Chaturvidha Purushartha Siddhardhey Japey Viniyogah; Aim –Angushthaabhyaam Namah; Kleem –Tarjaneebhyaam Namah; Souh-Madhyamaabhyam Namah; Souh-Anamikaabhyaam Namah; Kleem-Kanishthikaabhyaam Namah; Aim-Karatala Kara Prushthaabhyam Namah; Aim – Hridayaayanamah; Kleem-Sirasey Swaahaa; Sou-Shikhaaya vashat; Souh-Kavachaaya hum; kleem-Netra Trayaaya Voushath;Aim-Astraaya phat; Bhurbhuvassuvaro dikbandhah/


Arunaam Karunaatarangitaaksheem dhrita paashaankusha pushpa baana chaapaam, Animaadibhiraavritaam Mayukhai rahamityeva Vibhaavaye Mahesheem/                                 Dhyayet Padmaasananthaam Vikasita Vadanaam Padma Patraayataaksheem,                 Hemaabhaam Peeta Vastraam Karakalitalasaddhema Padmaam Varaangeem/ Sarvaalankaara yuktaam Sakala mabhayadaam Bhakta namraam Bhavaaneem, Shri Vidyaam Shaantamurtim Sakala Suranutaam Sarva Sampatpradaatmeem/ Sakumkuma vilepanaamalika chumbi kasturikaam, Samandahasitekshanaam Sashara Paashaankushaam/

Asesha Jana Mohini marunamaalya bhushojjwalaam,

Japaakusuma bhaasuraam Japavidhouh smaredambikaam/

(May I meditate that Maha Raajni whose natural complexion is red; whose eyes are full of kindness; whose hands are ornamented by a noose, a goad, a bow and flowery arrows and who is surrounded by Ashta Siddhis like Anima, Garima, Laghima and Vasitwa; indeed she is right within  in me! May I meditate  Bhavani, that Shri Vidya or the Symbol of Knowledge, Shantamurti or the Epitome of Peace and  Sarva Sampadpradaatreem or the benelolent provider of prosperity, as she dispels fears and provides protection to all; She is seated comfortalbly on a lotus with majestic face, sparkling eyes akin to lotus petals,  donning a golden dress  with a benign smile! May I meditate the smiling Mother who sports arrows and bow, besides a noose and goad; she is decorated  with red japa kusuma flower  garlands and ornaments, and with a forehead painted with vermilloin and musk that intoxicated.)  

Om Aim Hreem Shreem Shri Matrey Namah/

Shri Maataa Shri Mahaaraahni Shrimat Sihaasaneshwari,

Chidagni Kunda sambhhutaa Deva Kaarya Samudyataa/

Udyadbhaanu Sahasraabhaa Chaturbaahu Samanvitaa,

Raaga Swarupa pashaadhyaa Krodha Kaaraankushojjwalaa/

Manorupekshu Kodanda Pancha Tanmatra Saayakaa,

Nijaaruna Prabhaapura majjadbrahmaanda mandalaa/

Champakaashoka sougandhika lasatkacha,

Kuruvindamanishreni Kanatkotira mandita/                                                                              

(Sacred Mother!You are the Extraordinary Queen seated on the Throne mounted by lions; You are generated from the fire-pit of self-realisation; You sparkle with the lustre of thousand Suryas with four arms with a goad in the right hand as though you spur your devotees to follow the right path and at the same time displaying your displeasure with a noose up your upper left hand to correct them where-ever necessary; Devi! You carry a sugar-cane bow with the determination of materialising the Universe with your left lower hand, while actually taking up the deed of Creation with the aid of Five Tanmatras or Elements by another hand of yourself. Indeed the magnificence of your creation is spread all over as Omnipresent. Your Hairdo is endowed with the natural perfume of Champaka-Ashoka-Punnaaga flowers; You are embellished with a Crown bejewelled with special precious stones of Kurukulla as though they signify various emotions and feelings).

Ashtami Chandra Vibhraajadalikasthala shobhitaa,

Mukha Chandra kalankaabha Mriganaabhi viseshakaa/

Vadanasmara maangalya Griha torana jjillikaa,

Vaktra Lakshmi pareevaaha chalan meenaabha lochanaa/

Nava Champaka pushpaabha naasadanda viraajitaa,

Taaraa kanti tiraskaari naasaabharana bhaasuraa/

Kadamba manjari klupta Karna pura Manoharaa,

Taatanka yugali bhuta tapanodupa Mandalaa/

( Lalita Devi! Your broad forehead is dazzling with an adornment of an eighth night’s  half Moon while the Tilaka or the streak of Musk on the forehead is likened to a smudge on Chandra! Your eye brows represent Victory Arches on the gorgeous face comparable to a ‘Manmatha Bhavana’! Your charismatic eyes are like the sparkle of fishes in the Ocean of charm;Your nose is comparable to a freshly blossomed Champaka flower; the gleam of the diamonds worn on the ornament of your nose  puts to shame the combined shine of Stars on the Sky; the decoration of a bouquet of Champaka flowers above your ears is cute and appealing; indeed You roam around a lot in the Kadamba Gardens. Your ear-rings are represented by Sun and Moon and have a cosmic relevance.)                                                                                                    

Padma raaga shilaadarsha paribhavi kapolabhuh,

Navavidruma bimbhashrinyakkari radanacchada/

Suddha Vidyaankuraakaara Dwijapankti dwayojjwalaa,

Karpura veetika –amoda Samaakarshaddigantaraa/

Nija sallaapa Maadhurya vinirbhita kacchapi,

Mandasmita prabhaapura majjad Kaamesha Maanasaa/

Anaakalita saadrusya chubuka Shree Viraajitaa,

Kaameshabaddha Mangalya sutra shobhita kantharaa/

(Devi! Your rosy and smooth cheeks defy rubies and blood red lips flout corals and bimba fruit; the two perfect sets of your scintillating teeth represent Dwija-Pankti or the rows of Learned Brahmanas thus signifying pure Knowledge; the whiff of aroma from your face as emanated from the camphor and betel leaves that you take in your mouth fills in the whole Universe signifying that the ‘Omkaara Naada’ from your mouth resonates every where; Your banter / Chit-chat is far sweeter than the trained tunes of the stringed instrument of Veena and is suggestive of the resonance of Vedas; Your pretty smile to Kameswara overpowers his thoughts and mind; Your chin is uniquely shaped and is above depiction; the Mangala Sutra tied by Kameshwara around Lalita Devi symbolises the very close affinity and inseperability of Prakriti and Maha Purusha or Shiva and Parvati.)                                                                                              

Kanakaangada keyura kamaneeya bhujaanvitaa,

Ratnagraiveya Chintaakalola Muktaa phalaanvita/

Kameswara premaratna mani pratipanastani,

Naabhyaalawaala romaali lataa phalakuchadwayi/

Lakshya romalataa dhaarataa samunneya Madhyamaa,

Stanabhaara dalan madhya pattabandha valitrayee/

Arunaaruna Kousumbha vastra bhaasvatkati tati,

Ratna kinkinika Ramya rashanaa daama bhushitaa/

Kaamesajnaata soubhagya maadravoru dwayaanvitaa,

Maanikya makutaakaara Jaanudwaya viraajitaa/

Indragopa parikshipta smara tunaabhajanghikaa,

Gudha gulphaa Kurma Prushtha Jayishnu Prapadaanvita/

(Devi! You are ornamented on your excellent hands with golden ‘Angadas’ or armlets and ‘Keyura’ or wringlets as alluded to the Mantras of these descriptions; You are adorned  with diamond and pearl necklaces alluded to the ‘Mantraaksharaas’; Lalitaamba! the intimacy of Your love with Shiva is evident by the closeness of your body parts including your thin waist, folds of skin, soft thighs and buttocks covered by bright red saree, your knees ornated with crowns speckled with nine gems and  the legs are decorated by gold-studded Indra Gopa Manis; Your golden waist-belt has diamond-studded  bells called ‘kinkinis’ making mild vibrations as signified by small recitations of Mantras and Your feet are vaulted like the back of tortoises indicating ‘Prapada’).                                                                                                

Nakha deedhiti sanchhanna namajjana Tamogunaa,

Padadwaya prabhaajaala paraakruta saroruhaa/

Sinjaana mani manjeera mandita Shri Padaambujaa,

Maraali manda gamanaa  Mahaalaavanya sevadhih/

Sarvaarunaa navadyaangi Sarvaabharana bhushitaa,

Shiva Kaameshwaraankasthaa Shivaa swaadheena vallabhaa/

Sumeru shringa madhyathaa Shri mannagara naayika,

Chintaamani grihaantasthaa Pancha Brahmaasana sthitaa/

(Devi! The radiance of your toe-nails rescinds darkness and ignorance and your devotees are enabled to retract from Tamoguna;  your sacred feet which are white and spotless do oversmart lotus flowers and they too disperse mental dullness just as a Guru enhances knowledge and sharpness; Your feet are indeed the final goal of worship as they have jingling anklets like Mantraaksharas which facilitate unreserved devotion. The pace and grace of your steps are slow yet steady like that of a Swan as they seek to inculcate gradual transformation and purification of the Soul and there by realise the Final Truth which is deep, complex, hard to cross through and wade like an Ocean. Thus You are bright, red, clean and blemishless from top to bottom; You are adorned with all kinds of ornaments and is the Emblem of Perfection! You are also the Synthesis of Shiva and Shakti and have an ideal partner under your control; Devi! You are ideally situated on the middle top of Meru Mountain or the Center of Shri Chakra and as the Empress of Shri Nagara in the Palace of Chitamani Ratnas as the Prime Deity with Five Brahmas around viz. Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Ishana and Sada Shiva; the reference is that Lalitaambika is situated as the Supreme above all the Brahmas). [Beyond the two Chakras viz. Mulaadhaara and Swadhishtaana in every body, there are Grandhis or layers called Brahma Grandhi; beyond Manipura and Anahata is Vishnu grandhi; beyond Vishudda and Agnaa chakra is Rudra granthi; from Ajnaadhaara to the Skull- Center is stated to be Ishwara Sthaana, above which is stated to be Dwadashanta where Sada Shiva is situated; finally Devi Lalita is seated as Chit Kalaa above the Pancha Brahmaas]                   

Maha Padmaatavi sasmtha Kadamba Vana Vaasini,

Sudhaa saagara madhyastaa Kaamaak -shi  Kaama daayani/

Devarshigana sanghaata stuyamaamaanaatma Vaibhavaa,

Bhanda –asura Vadhodyukta Shakti senaa samanvitaa/

Sampatkari Samaarudha Sindhura Vraja sevitaa,

Ashwarudhaadhishtitaashwa koti koti bhiraavrutaa/

Chakraraaja Rathaarudha, Sarvaayudha Parishkruta,

Geyachakra Rathaarudha Mantrini parisevitaa/

Kirichakra Ratha -arudha Dandanaathaa puraskritaa,

Jwalaamaalinikaakshipta Vahni Praakaara madhyagaa/

(Maha Devi! You reside in the Maha Padmavati Forest of Lotuses being the contact place of a person and the Supreme; more specifically in the interior of the Kadamba Vana where Yantras predominate; also you are in the midst of Sudha Sagara or Bliss or the Center of Shri Chakra’s Bindushtaana as Kamakshi the Goddess of Kanchipura the bestower of desires; Devi! You responded to the Prayers of Devaas and Maharshis from ‘Chidagni Kunda’ to perform the most significant ‘Deva Karya’; You are indeed the best equipped with an army and armoury of qualities of  selflessness, determination and skill to kill Bhandasura the Grand Fund of Ignorance, Ego, and extreme self-image coupled no doubt with courage, capability and invincibility; Devi! You have the advantage of having Sampatkari as the Head of Elephants who is blessed with extraordinary abilities of intelligence to drive the elephants with features like self-lessness and perfection comparable to sense aptitudes or Tatwaas. Also there were crores of Shaktis riding horses each of whom specialised in mental abilities to win over -as alluded- the Evil with Virtue. She rode over the Shri Chakra chariot with her full armoury; She was accompanied by Mantrini on the Geya Chakra Ratha, Mantrini being Devi’s mind; Vaaraahi the Commander alighted the Kiri Chakra and was ahead of Devi; You were in the center of Jwaala maalaas or rings of flames)                                                            

Bhandasainyavadhodyukta Shakti Vikrama harshitaa,

Nitya paraakramaatopa nireekshana samutsukaa/

Bhanda putra vadhodyuka Baaalaa vikrama nanditaa,

Mantrnyambaa virachatha vishanga vadha toshitaa/

Vishukra praana harana Vaaraahi Veerya nanditaa,

Kameswara mukhaa loka kalpita Shri Ganeshwara/

Maha GaneshanirbhinnmaVighnayantra praharshitaa,

Bhandaasurendra Nirmukta shastra pratyastra varshini/

Karaanguli nakhotpanna Narayana dashaakritih,

Mahaa Paashupataasraagni nirdagdhaasura sainikaa/

(Devi! You were delighted to view the large army about to destroy Bhanda; you were also happy to witness the gallantry of Nitya Shaktis; you were glad that Shri Bala your daughter killed the sons of Bhandasura; you enjoyed that Mantrinyamba terminated Vishnga and Devi Vaaraahi killed Vishukra; then Ganeswara was materialised from your face and the latter destroyed all the Yantras such as various hindrances; You rained Astra Shastras to demoralise Bhandasura; as Bhandasura created Hiraynaaksha, Hiranya kashipu, Ravana and other Arch-Enemies of Devas,  you mildly rubbed your finger nails and created the counterparts of Narayana who exterminated the respective Asuras!; by using Pashupataastra, you let an ocean of warriors get converted as heaps of ash).                                                                               

Kameswaraastra nirdagdha sa Bhandasura sunyaka,

Brahmopendra Mahendraadi Deva samsthuta vaibhavaa/

Haranetraagni sandhagdha Kaama Sanjeevanoushadhih,

Shrimadvaagbhava kutaika Swarupa mukha Pankajaa/

Kanthaathahkati paryanta Madhyakuta Swarupini,

Shakti kutaika taapanna Katyatdho -bhaaga dhaarini/

Mula yantraatmikaa Mula kuta traya kalebara,

Kulaamritaika rasikaa Kula sanketa paalini/

Kulaanganaa Kulaantasthaa Kaulini Kulayogini,

Akulaa Saayaantasthaa Samayaachaara tatparaa/

(Devi! You had burnt Shunyaka Nagara along with Bhandasura and his warriors and  finally completed the Deva Karya; Brahma-Upendra-Mahendras were totally gratified and extolled you. You had then revived Manmatha who was burnt off by Maha Deva’s third eye. Your resplendent lotus face then revealed the source of speech and the Panchadashi Mantra, which was the Source Mantra that described Your Neck-to-Waist besides the body- part underneath as well as the Mula-Mantra; the Tri Kutaas of your physique akin to the Panchadashi are called Shri-Kama-Kala Kutaas. You are Kulaamrita Rasika or the enjoyer of the nectar of chastity and purity; ‘Kula’ is stated to be a combined expression of ‘Maataa’ the one who measures or approves; ‘Maanam’ is the measure or the quantity to be approved and the ‘Meyam’ or the one to be approved; Kula sanketa palini is the Enforcer of of the Kula or basically the Tradition of Spiritualism and thus Kulaangana is the Force of the Tradition; Kulantastha or the insider of the Kula conversant with ’Aachaara-Vyvahaaras’; You are the Kaulini or the household-diety and Kula Yogini or Lalita Devi herself;  You are Akula who is far above a specific Kula as she represents all the Kulas or Traditions; Samayantastha or the one who is of Shiva-Lalitha’s Identity but as construed by varied contexts; Devi! You therefore assume various Forms as per exigencies.)                                                                     

Mulaadhaaraika nilayaa Brahma grandhi Vibhedini,

Manipuraantaruditaa Vishnu grandhi Vibhedini/

Agnaachakraantasthaa Rudra granthi Vibhedini,

Sahasraaraambujaarudhaa Sudhaa saaraabhi varshini/

Tatillataa samaruchisshatchakopari samsthitaa,

Maha Shatktih kundalini bisatantu taneeyasi/

Bhavani Bhavanaagamya Bhavaaranya kuthaarikaa,

Bhadra Priya Bhadra Murtirbhakta Soubhagyadaayani/

Bhaktapriyaa Bhaktigamyaa Bhakti Vashyaa Bhayaapaha,

Shaambhavi Sharadaaraadhyaa Sharvaani Sharma daayani/

Shaankari Shrikari Saadhvi Sharacchandra nibhaanaa,

Shaatodari Shantimati Niraadhaaraa Niranjanaa/

(Devi! You reside inside the Mulaadhaara Chakra that is as Kundalini; You penetrate through the Brahma Grandhi or the barrier of Brahma and enable your devotees practising Yoga to be conscious while awake; then a devotee is facilitated to vision Devi in Manipura while in a condition of stupor; further a devotee  has to pierce through the Vishnu Grandhi or the Vishnu knot when the Yogi becomes unconscious and his body and thoughts are felt irrelevant; in the Ajnaachaktaanta state the yogi loses his identity;  while breaking Rudra Grandhi the Yogi attains cosmic reality and in Sahasraara Chakra the yogi is stated to seek Salvation. That stage provides Sudhaa sagara or bliss; indeed Devi! You are above these stages and chakras as ‘Shatchakopari Samstitha’. You are called as Maha Shakti in union with Maha Deva and is stated to be in the form of a coiled serpent in the state of ‘Kundalini’ like a thin lotus stem. Devi Bhavani, Bhavanaaamya or Beyond Comprehension as then a Bhavaaranya Kutharika or She would axe the cycle of births and deaths! You would in that Form be a Bhadra Priya, Bhadra  Murthi, Bhakta Soubhagyadayani, Bhakti Priya, Bhakti Gamya or realisable by Bhakti alone; Bhakti Vasya or Controllabe by Bhakti only; Bhayaapaha or you drive out fear of the devotees; Shaambhavi, Sharadaaraadhya, Sharvaani or the consort of Sharva, Sharma dayani or the provides of Eternal Happiness; Shankari, Shrikari, Saadhvi or of Purity; Sharacchanda nibhaanana or Luminous like a Full Moon; Shatodari or slim waisted; Shantimati, and Niradhara or supportless and Niranjana or blemishless).                                                                                                                                 

Nirlepa Nirmala Nitya Niraakara Niraakula,

Nirgunaa Nishkalaa Shantaa Nishkaamaa Nirupaplava/

Nityamuktaa Nirvikaaraa Nishprapancha Niraashraya,

Nitya Shuddha Nitya Buddhaa Niravadyaa Nirantaraa/

Nishkaaranaa Nishkalankaa Nirupaadhirnirishwara,

Neeraagaa Raaga mathani Nirmada Madashalini/

Nischinta Nirahankaaraa Nirmohaa Mohanaashani

Nirmama Mamataa hantri Nishpaapaa Paapanaashani/

Nishkrodhaa Krodhashamani Nirlobhaa Lobhanaashani,

Nissamshayaa Samshayaghni Nirbhavaa Bhava naashani/

Nirvikalpaa Niraabaadhaa Nirbhedaa Bheda naashani,

Nirnaashaa Mrityu mathani Nishkrya Nishparigrahaa/

(Nirlepa or Transparent; Nitya or Everlasting; Niraakaara or Formless; Nirakula or composed; Nirguna or Featureless; Nishkala or Undividable; Shanta; Nishkaama or desireless; Nirupaplava or Imperishable; Nitya Mukta or Ever Unrestricted; Nirvikara or Immutable; Nishprapancha or Beyond the Universe; Niraashraya or Unfounded; Nitya Shudda, Nitya Buddha, Niravadya or  Irrefutable; Nirantara; Nishkarana or the Causeless since You are the Cause of Causes; Nishkalanka or Spotless; Nirupaadhi or Unaccompanied; Nirishwara or the Ultimate; Niraaga or Uncommitted; Raga Mathani or Devoid of Attachments; Nirmada or Modest; Madanaashani or the destoyer of  arrogance; Nischinta or Worryless; Nirahankaara or Egoless; Nirmoha or Illusionless; Mohanashani or Destroyer of Obsessions; Nirmama or Selfless; Mamataahantri or terminator of attachments; Nishpaapa or Sinless; Papanaashani; Nishkrodha; Krodha Shamani; Nirlobha greedless; Lobha naashani; Nissamsaya or devoid of doubts; Samsayaghni or smasher of doubts; Nirbhava or Unborn; Bhavanaashyani or Destroyer of the Cycle of births and deaths; Nirvikalpa or devoid of  actions;  Nirbaadha; Nirbheda or Consistent ; Bhedanaashani or destroys distinctions; Nirnaasha or Indestructible; Mrutyumathani or demolisher of death; Nishkriya or Actionless; and Nishparigraha or Accepts nothing)                                           

Nistula Neela Chikura Nirapaaya Nirathyaya,

Durlabha Durgama Durgaa Duhkhahantri Sukhapradaa/

Dushta doora Duraachaarashamani Doshavarjita,

Sarvajnaa Saandra Karunaa Samaanaadhika varjitaa/

Sarva Shaktimayi Sarva Mangalaa Sadgatipradaa,

Sarveshwari Sarvamayi Sarva mantra swarupini/

Sarva Yantraatmikaa Sarva Tantra Rupaa Manonmani,

Maaheshwari Maha Devi Maha Lakshmi Mrudapriyaa/

Mahaa Rupaa Mahaa Pujyaa Mahaa Paataka Naashini,

Mahaa Maayaa Mahaa Satwaa Mahaa Shaktirahaaratih/

Mahaa Bhogaa Mahaishwarya Mahaa Veeryaa Mahaa Balaa,

Maha Buddhir Mahaasiddhir Mahaa Yogeshwareshvari/

( Nistula or Unparalleled; Nilachikura or dark haired; Nirapaaya or far above any danger; Durlabha or difficult to achieve; Durgama or Difficult to reach; Durga or the famed Swarupa of Shakti who killed Mahishaasura; Duhkhahantri or the destroyer of distresses; Sukhaprada or the Provider of Happiness; Dushta dooraa or away from Evil; Duraachaara shamini or the reliever of evil deeds; Doshavarjita or deviod of imperfections; Sarvajna or All Knowing;  Saandra Karuna or Provider of  Great Benevolence; Samaanaadhika Varjita or Matchless; Sarva Shaktimayi or Omni Potent; Sarva Mangala or the Symbol of Auspiciousness; Sadgatiprada or the Provider of Righteousness; Sarveshwari; Sarvamayi or Omni Present; Sarva Mantra Swarupini or the Personification of all Mantras; Sarva Yantraatmika or The Epitome of All Yantras; Sarva Tantra Rupa or the Unique Form of all Tantras; Manonmayi or of Heightened Form of Consciousness; Maheshwari; Maha Devi; Maha Lakshmi; Mridapriya or the beloved of Shiva; Maha Rupa; Maha Pujya; Maha Paataka Naashani; Maha Maya; Maha Satwa or of Unique Energy; Maha Shakti; Maha Rati or beyond Sensual Pleasures as she is Bliss herself; Maha Bhoga; Mahaishwarya; Maha Veeryaa; Mahaa Balaa; Mahaa Buddhi; Maha Siddhi and Maha Yogeshwareshwari).

Maha Tantraa Maha Mantraa Mahaa Yantraa Mahaasanaa,

Mahaayaagakramaadaadhyaa Mahaa Bhairava Pujitaa/

Maheshwara Mahaa Kalpa Mahaa Taandava Saakshini,

Mahaa Kaamesha Mahishi Mahaa Tripura Sundari/

Chatussastyupachaaraadhyaa Chatussashti Kalaamayi,

Mahaachatusshashti koti Yoginigana sevitaa/

Manu Vidyaa Chandra Vidyaa Chandra mandala madhyagaa,

Chaarurupaa Chaaruhaasaa Charu Chandra Kalaadharaa/

Charaachara Janannathaa Chakra raaja niketana,

Parvati Padmanayanaa, Padmaraaga samaprabhaa/

Pancha Pretaasanaaseena Pancha Brahma Swarupini,

Chinmayi Parama anandaa Vijnaana Ghana rupiney/

Dhyaana dhyaatru dhyeya Rupaa Dharma –adharma Vivarjitaa,

Vishwa rupa Jaagarani Swapanti Taijasaatmikaa/

Suptaa Pragjnaat -mika Turyaa Sarvaavastha Vivarjitaa,

Srishti Kartri Brahma Rupaa Gopti Govinda Rupiney/

Samhaarini Rudrarupa Tirodhaanakareswari,

Sadaa Shivaanugrahadaa Pancha krutya Paraayana!                                                                                                                           

(Devi Lalita! You are the Maha Tantra, Maha Mantra, Maha Yantra, Mahaasana or Seated on Elevation; Mahaa Yaga Kramaaraadhyaor worshipped at various Maha Yagnas like Amba Yagna; You are worshipped by Maha Bhairava or Maha Deva himself; You witnessed the Cosmic Dance of Maheshwara at the end of Maha Kalpa; You are the Maha Kamesha’s Queen; Maha Tripura Sundari! You are worshipped sixty four types of services; Amba! You are the Origin of sixty four Kalaas or Arts as contained in Vedas and various other Scriptures; also served by sixty four crores of Maha Yoginis; You are the Manu Vidya and Chandra Vidya and are situated on the middle of the Moon’s orbit; You are Charu Rupa or of the Magnificent Form; of Charu Haasa or with enchanting smile; with the adornment of Ashtama Chandra; the Maha Raajni of Charaacharas in the Universe; the Dweller of the Chakra Raajaas like Shri Chakra; Parvati! Padma Nayana; Glittering with Padma Raagaas or Rubies; Seated on the Five Pretaas of Brahma-Vishnu- Rudra-Ishwara-Sadaashivaas if they are not provided by life by You! You are of the Form of Five Brahmas; Chinmayi or of Supreme Consciousness; the Paramananda or of Unique Bliss; Vijnaana Ghana Rupini or of the  Inimitable Swarupini of Vigjnaana; the Dhyana-Dhyaatru- Dheya Rupa or of the Form of the Meditation-the  Meditator and the Meditated! You are beyond Dharma or Adharma! The Vishwa Swarupa; You are Jaagarani or the Ever Wakeful; the Swapanti or in Dreams; the Taijasatmika or in a State of Stupor; or in Supta or  Trance; Pragjnaatmika or in a Casual Body without full Consciousness; Turiya or the Fourth Stage when the Senses are inactive on the verge of  senselessness; Devi! You are however beyond all these previous stages as you are Sarvaavastha Vivarjita.! Lalita Devi! You are the Srishti Kartri being Brahma Rupini; the Goptri or the Protector as Govinda Rupini; Samhaarini or the Annihilator as of Rudra Rupa; the Tirodhaanakari or as the withdrawing Swarupini as Ishwara and finally the Sadaa Shiva who provides Anugraha or impetus to Re-Create again; such are the Five Swarupas of Yourself Devi viz. Brahma- Vishnu- Rudra-Ishwara and Sada Shiva; You Lalita Devi! Are thus the Pancha Krutya Paraayana or the Practitioner of Five Sacred Deeds!)                           

Bhanu mandala madhyastaa Bhiravi Bhaga maalini,

Padmaasana Bhagavati Padmanaabha Sahodari/

Unmesha Nimishotpanna Vipanna Bhuvanaavalih,

Sahasra Seersha Vadanaa Sahasraakshi Sahasra paat/

Aabrahmakeeta janani Varnaashrama vidhaayani,

Nijaajnaa Rupa nigamaa Punyaapunya Phalapradaa/

Shruti seemanta Sindoori kruta paadaabja dhulikaa,

Sakalaagama Sandoha Shukti Samputa Mouktikaa/

Purushaardha pradaa Purnaa Bhogini Bhuvaneshwari,

Ambikaanaadi nidhanaa Hari Brahmendra Sevitaa,

Hreenkaari Hreemati Hridyaa Heyopaadeya varjitaa/

Raja Raajaarchita Raajni Ramyaa Raageva Lochana,

Ranjani Ramani Rasyaa Ranatkinkini mekhala/

Ramaa Rakenduvadanaa ati Rupaa Rati Priya,

Rakshaakari Raakshasaghni Ramaa Ramana lampataa/

Kaamyaa Kamakaloaarupa Kadamba kusumapriyaa,

Kalyaani Jagati kandaa Karunaaras Saagaraa/

(You are in the center of Surya Mandala; Bhairavi! with a garland of Suryas seated in Padmasana posture as Bhagavati the sister of Padmanabha; Devi! As you open your eyes Bhuvanaas are sprouted and destroyed as you close the eyes; You have thousand heads,  faces, eyes and feet; the Unique Mother of all Beings from Brahma down to worms; the Prime Regulator of Varashrama Vidhana; Vedas are at your behest; you provide the results of every deed of the Beings as per the content of virtue or otherwise; the particles of your Lotus feet tuns red as ‘Sinduri’ which adorns the foreheads of virtuous women; the collection of pearl oyster shells comparable to ‘Agamaas’ is your ornament; You bestow the fulfilment of the Purusharthas viz. Dharma-Artha-Kaama-Mokshas; You are Purna or the Totality; Bhogini or the Ever-enjoying; Bhuvaneshwari; Ambika; Ananda nidhaana or the Fund of Joy; worshipped by Hari-Brahma-Indra; Narayani; Nada Rupa or of sounds ranging from subtle to gross forms; Devoid of a name or a form; Lalita! You are Hrimkari since the sound ‘Hreem’ covers Srishti-Sthiti-Samhara; Hrimati or Symbol of Modesty; Hridya or Happiness replete within heart; Heyopadeyavarjita or with nothing to accept or reject; Rajaraajaarchita or worshipped by the Lord of Riches viz. Kubera; Raajni or the Supreme Queen; Ramya; Rajeevalochana or Lotus Eyed; Ranjani the one who delights; Ramani; Rasyaa or the sense perception;  Ranat kinkini mekhala or adorned with waist belt with small bells;  Rama or the Consort of Vishnu;  of Ratipriya as Devi liked Rati since she revived Manmatha the husband of Rati; Rakshakari or the One who provides security; Raakshasaghni the destroyer of Rakshasas; Rama the highest representative of feminity; Ramana Lampata or deeply involved with husband; Kadamba kusuma priya or highly fascinated by Kadamba flowers; Kalyani or the Symbol of Auspiciousness; Jajatikanda or the root-cause of the Universe; Karunaarasa Saagara or the Ocean of Kindness).                                                                                          

Kaalavati Kalaalaapaa Kantaa kaadambari Priyaa,

Varadaa Vaamanayanaa Vaaruni Mada Vihvalaa/

Vishwaadhikaa Veda Vedyaa Vindyaachala nivaasini,

Vidhaatri Veda Janani Vishnu Maayaa vilaasini/

Kshetra Swarupa Kshetreshi Kshetra Kshetrajna paalini,

Kshaya vridhi vinirmuktaa Kshetrapaalasamarchita/

Vijayaa Vimalaa vandyaa Vandaaru jana Vatsala,

Vaavaadivi Vaamakeshi Vahnimandala vaasini/

Bhaktimat kalpalathikaa Pashu paasha vimochani,

Samhrutaasesha paashanda Sadaachaara pravartikaa/

Tapartayaagni samtapta Samaahlaadana chandrikaa,

Taruni Taapasaaraadhyaa Tanumadhyaa Tamopahaa/

(You are the Kalavati or of sixty four Arts and all they were your own expressions; you are the Paramount Form of Feminine Beauty fond of honey or bliss; the bestower of Boons; the beautiful-eyed; intoxicated with ‘Varuni’-the wine of dates alternatively called the Varuni ‘Nadi’- or a body tendon ; the Vishwaadhika or the Sublime; Vindhyaa chala nivasini; Vidhatri or Sarasvati the Consort of Brahma; Veda Janani or the Mother of Vedas; the Vishnu Maya; Vilasini; Kshetra Swarupa or of Supreme Consciousness; Kshetreshi; Kshetra Kshetrajna Paalini or the Supreme Administrator of the Kshetra or inner self of Jeeva and the his/her domain; Kshaya Vriddhi Vinirmukta or You have neither growth nor decadence; you are worshipped by Maha Deva the Kshetrapalaka; Devi! You are always victorious; Vimala or Clean; Vandya or worshipped by all; Vandaaru jana Vatsala or you have attachment to devoted children; Vaagvaadini or Proficient in speech; Vamakeshi or the consort of Vamakeshwara popular in the Tantrik Science; Vahni Mandala Vaasini or the Resider in the Region of Agni; Bhaktimatkalpa latika or Vriksha that fulfills the desires of devotees; Pashu Paasha Vimochani or the Reliever of Bonds like Ignorance, Jealousy, Attachment and Anger; Samhritaasesha Paashanda or Demolition of Non-Believers; Sadaachaara Pravartika or the Enforcer of ‘Sadaachaara’ or Good Behaviour; You provide Moonshine like cool  relief from ‘Tapatrayaagnis’or the Agnis of the Three Difficulties viz. Adhyatmika or of Internal or Psychological nature, Adhibhoutika or External or Physiological nature and Adhi Daivika nature like earthquakes, droughts and such natural calamities; Taruni or Ever Youthful Female; Taapasaaraadhya or worshipped by ‘Taapasis’ engaged in constant meditation; Tanu Madhya or slender waisted; Tamopaha or destroyer of Ignorance).                                  

Chitistatpada Lakshyaardhaa Chideka Rasarupini,

Swaatmaananda lavibhuta Brahmaadya -ananda santatih/

Paraa pratyakchiti Rupa Pashyanti Para Devataa,

Madhyamaa Vaikhari Rupaa Bhakta Maanasa Hamsikaa/

Kaameswara Praana Naadi Kritajnaa Kaama Pujitaa,

Shrigaara Rasa Sampurnaa Jayaa Jaalandhara Sthitaa/

Odyaana peetha nilayaa Bindumandala vaasini,

Rahoyaaga kramaadaadhyaa Rahastarpana Tarpitaa/

Sadyah Prasaadini Vishwa Saakshini Saakshi Varjitaa,

Shadanga Devataa yuktaa  Shaadgunya pari puritaa/

Nityaklinna Nirupamaa Nirvaana Sukhadaayani/

Nityaa Shodasikaa Rupaa Shri Kanthaartha Sharirini/

Prabhavati Prabhaarupaa Prasiddhaa Parameshari,

Moola Prakriti ravyaktaa Vyaaktaavyakta Swarupini/

(You are the Sacchidaananda Swarupini who is the most sought after and targetted at; Chideka Rasa Rupini or the Unique Form of Bliss; The Bliss experienced by Brahma downward to every Being was but a drop of the the Ocean of that Bliss; You are the Ultimate Super Consciousness present in each Being that could hardly be realised nor suitably expressed by Vagdevi, as is present in a subtle and intermediate stage between you the Para Deva and an individual; You are the Swan that moves about in the  ‘Bhakta Maanasa Sarovara’; You are the life-force of Kameshwara; the Kritajnaa or the Evaluator of the actions of Ten Entities viz. Pancha Bhutas, Sun-Moon-Stars-Birth-Death and the Kaala or the Time; Kama Pujita; Shringara Rasa Sampurna; Jaya; Jaalandhara Sthitaa or Positioned in the Jaalandhara Peetha or Anaahata Chakra; Odyana Pitha Nilaya or located in Ajnaa Chakraa or between your Bhrukuti or between your eye-brows; Bindu Mandaka Vaassini or situated in the Central Point of Shri Chakra; Raho yaga Kramaaraadhyaa or worshipped by ‘Rahasya Yaga’ (Antar Yaga ) rituals; Rahastarpina Tarpita or Devi! You are contented by Secret Tarpanas or Sacrificial Offerings; Sadya Prasaadini or pleased with prescribed rituals; Vishwa Saakshini or the Witness of Univesal Actions! Saakshi Varjitaa or none could ever realise your own deeds; Shadanga Devataa Yuktaa or You are the Chief of  Six ‘Angaas’ or  Six ‘Konaas’ stated to be Heart-Head-Tuft-Eyes-Shield or Kavacha and ‘Astra’ or Weapon; also Shadgunya Pari Purita or the Six Angles of the Shri Chakra stated to be Qualities like Virtue, Jnaana, Yasha, Aishwarya, Sampada and Vairagya or detachment; Nitya klinna or Ever Merciful; Nirupama or Uaparalleled; Nirvaana Sukha Daayani or the Bestower of Nirvaana or Moksha; Nitya Shodasikaa Rupa or the Kalaas of Chandra or the brightening features of Moon day by day; Shri Kanthaartha Sharirini or Artha Naareeshwari; Prabhavati or Provider of Illumination all the directions; Prabha Rupa or of Epitome of Radiance; Prasiddha the most well known in the Form of the First Person ‘I’! Parameshwari; Mula Prakriti; Avyakta or Imperceptible; yet Vyaktaavyakta or Evident but Unmanifested).

Vyaapini vividhaakaara Vidyaavidyaa Swarupini,

Maha Kamesha nayana kmdaahlaada Koamudi/

Bhakta haarda Tamobheda Bhaanumadbhaanu santatih,

Shiva dooti Shivaa –raadhyaa  Shiva Murtih Shivankari/

Shivapriyaa Shivaparaa Shishteshtaa Shistapujitaa,

Aprameyaa Swaprakaashaa Manovaachaamagocharaa/

Chicchhaktischetanaa rupaa Jada Shaktirjadaatmikaa,

Gayatree vyahrutih Sandhyaa Dwijabrinda nishevitaa/

Tatwaasanaa Tatwamayi Pancha koshaantara sthitaa,

Nisseema mahimaa Nitya Youvanaa Madashaalini/

Madaghurnita Raktaakshi Mada paatala gandabhuh,

Chandanadrava digdhaangi Chaampeya kusuma priyaa/

Kushalaa Komalaakaaraa Kurukullaa Kuleswari,

Kula kundaa-layaa Koula maarga tatpara sevitaa/

Kumaara Gana naathaambaa tushtih pushtirmatir-dhrutih,

Shaantsswastimati Kaantirnandini Vighna naashani/

(Devi! You are  omnipresent in myriad forms either as Knowledge or Ignorance; You are pleasing to Mahesha like a moonshine does to a Lili flower; Your splendour disperses the darkness of ignorance to your Bhaktaas  like the bright Sun does to the Worlds; You are Shiva’s Sevika adoring Sada Shiva  as Shiva Murti, Shivankari and Shiva Para. Persons with good demeanour worship you and you too are pleased with their Pujas; Aprameya or immesurable; Swa Prakasha or Brilliant on your own; Mano vaachaama gochara or Beyond the comprehension of one’s mind or speech; You are Chit Shakti or the Power of your own Perception; the Chetana Rupa or Awareness and Responsiveness; at the same time you are also Jada Shakti or non-responsive; in any case, none has the capacity to know you! Gayatri! Vyahriti or the Syllables of Gayatri Mantra; the Sandhya; Dwija brinda nishevita or pleased by Brahmanas; You are seated in Tatwa or Truth; Tatwamayi; Pancha Koshaantara Sthita or the Dweller of Five Sheaths viz. Kaamamaya, Manomaya, Atimanasa, Vigyaana and Hiranmaya Koshaas; you are of boundless command; ever youthful; blissful; with blood red eyes of superiority; red cheeks full of bliss; with body smeared with sandal wood paste; desirous of champaka flowers; proficient in all deeds; subtle and gentle; Goddess named Kukukulla dominating the Shri Chakra who is also known as critical and objective; Kuleshwari; Kulakundalaya or Paramatma inside Muladhara Chakra; Kulamarga tatpara sevita or worshipped by those conversant with Kaulamarga practices; Mother of Skanda and Ganesha representing prowess and overcoming obstacles; Tusti or embodiment of happiness; Pushti or of sound health; Dhriti or courage  and endurance; Shanti or tranquility; Kanti or glow and warmth; Nandini or the Ever Vivacious and Vighna nashini or remover of all hurdles).                                    

Tejovati Trinayana Lolaakshi Kamarupini,

Malini Hamsini Mataa MalayachalaVaasini/

Sumukhi Nalini Subhruh Shobhana Sura Nayika,

Kaala kanthi Kantimati Kshobhini Sukshma Rupini/  

Vajreshwari Vamadevi Vayovastha vivarjita,

Siddheshwari Siddha Vidyaa Siddha Maataa Yashaswini/

Vishudda chakra nilaya Rakta Varna Trilochana,

Khatwaangaadi praharana vadanaika samanvita/

Paayasaanna Priyaa Pashuloka Bhayankari,

Amritaadi Maha Shakti samvritaa Daakineshwari/

Anaahataabja nilayaa Shyaamaabhaa Vadana dwayaa,

Damshtrojjwalaaksha maalaadidharaa Rudhira samsthitaa/

Kaala raatryaadi Shaktoughavritaasnighnoudana Priya,

Mahaa Veerendra varadaa Raakinyaambaa Swarupini/

Mani puraabja nilayaa vadanatraya samyutaa,

Vajraayudhaapetaa Daamaryadi bhiraavritaa/                                                                                                                              

(Tejovati or full of Illumination; Tri Nayana or the Three Eyed of Surya-Chandra-Agnis; Lokaakshi Kamarupini or of alluring eyes being the Symbol of Feminine Longing for the Universe; Malini or the wearer of garlands; Hamsini or a Swan representative of Pavitrata and Vairagya; Mataa or Shri Maata; Malayachala Vasini or the Resident of Malaya Mountain; Sumukhi or Bright-Faced; Nalini or like a Lotus; Subhru or of Eye brows that bring in auspiciousness; Sobhana; Sura nayika; Kalaakanti  or the spouse of Shiva who by that epithet killed Darukasura; Kantimati; Kshobini or Excited to Create the Universe; Sukshma Rupini or of Subtle Form; Vajreshwari one of the Goddesses of Shri Chakra; Vamadevi or Shiva’s left Body-Part viz. Artha Naareeshwari; Vayovasthaa vivarjita or devoid of age; Shiddeshwari; Siddha Vidya or Shri Vidya; Siddha Mata or the Mother Siddha ready to protect devotees; Yashaswini; Visuddha Chakra Nilaya or the Resider of Vishuddha Lotus with sixteen petals; Arakta Varna or of Blood-red colour; Trilochana; Khatvangaadi- Praharana or a mace with a skull at  its end used as a weapon; Vadanaika samanvita or with a Unique Face; Payasaanna Priya or fond of rice cooked in milk; Twakstha or absorbed in the Skin tissues; Pashu Loka Bhayankari or Dreadful to the Boorish and the Ignorant; Amritaadi Maha Shakti Samvarta or Encircled by Great Shaktis like Amritaakarshini; Daakineshwari residing in Vishudda Chakra; Anaahataabja Nilaya or inhabitant of Anaahataabja Chakra with the name of Raakini; Shyaamaabhaa or in the Form of a maiden of Shyama colour of black and blue; Vadana dwaya or Bi-Faced; Damshtrojjvala or bright with tusks; Aksha -maalaadhara or the carrier of a Rosary bead garland; Rudhira Samsthita or the occupant of blood-tissues; Kaalaraatraadi Shakougha Vrita or enclosed by Shaktis like Kaalaraatri; Snigdhoudana Priya or contented by consuming fried rice; Mahaa Veerendra Varadaa or the Provider of boons to Maha Veeraas / Tri Murtis and Indra; Raakinyaamba Swarupini or of the Swarupa of Raakinyamba; Manipuraabja nilaya or the inhabitant of Manipura Padma with ten petals; Vadana Traya Samyutaa or with Three Faces; Vajraadikaayudhopeta or fortified with Vajraayudhaa and other weaponries like thunderclaps; Daamaryaadibhiraavruta or encircled by Yoginis like Damari, Mangala, Pingala, Dhanya, Bhadrika, Ulka, Siddha etc.

Rakta varnaa maamsa nishthaa gudaanna preeta maanasaa,

Samasta Bhakta Sukhadaa Laakinyaambaa Swarupini/

Swaadhishtaanaambujagataa Chatutvaktra Manoharaa,

Shulaadyaayudha sampannaa Peeta varnaati garvitaa/

Medo nishthaa Madhu preetaa bandinyaadi samanvitaa,

Dadhyaannaasakta hridayaa Daakini rupa dhaarini/

Mulaa dhaaraambujaarudhaa Panchavaktraasthi samsthitaa,

Ankushaadi prahananaaVaradaadi nishevitaa/

Mudgoudanaasakta chitthaa Saakinyaambaa Swarupini,

Ajnaa chakraabja nilayaa Shiklavarnaa Shadaanana/

Majjaa samsthaa Hamsavati Mukhya Shakti samanvitaa,

Haridraannaika rasikaa Haakini rupa dhaarini/

Sahasra dala Padmastaa Sarva Varnobhi sevitaa,

Sarvaayuda dharaa Shukla samsthitaa Sarvato mukhi/

Sarvoudana preeta chittaa Yaakinyaambaa Swarupini,

Swaahaa Swadhaa matirmedhaa Shrutih Smritiranuttamaa/             

(Rakta Varna; Maamsa Nishta or inhabitant in the tissues of flesh; Gudaanna Preeta Manasa or  likes to eat rice mixed with jaggery; Samasta Bhakta Sukhada or Provides with contentment to one and all; the Mother Form of Lakini; Swadhishtaanaambuja Gata or the Insider of the Padma Chakra named that name; Chaturvaktra Manohara or Enchanting with Four Attractive  Faces; Shulaadyayudha Sampanna or is fortified with armaments like Shula; Pita Varna or of Yellow colour; Ati-Garvita or higly distinguished; Medo nishtha or absorbed in the tissue of fat; Madhu Preeta or having a penchant for honey;  Bandinyaadi samanvita or in the Company of Bandini and other Shaktis; Dadhyannasakta hridaya or with a longing for curd rice; Kaakini Rupa dhaarini or taking over the Form of  Kaakini; Mulaadhaaraambujaa rudha or mounted on Mulaadhara at the base point; Panchavaktra or Five Faced; Asthi Samsthita or present in the bone tissues; Ankushaadi Praharana or equppied with Ankusha or goad and such other weaponry; Varadaadi nisevita  or worshipped by Varada and such other Yoginis; Mudgoudana sakta chitta or delighted in the taste of green gram cooked rice; Saakinyaambaa Swarupini or taking over the Form of Saakini Shakti; Ajnaachakaabja nilaya or resides in the two petalled Agnaachakra in beteeen the eyebrows; Shuka varana or of Pure White Colour; Shadaanana or of Six Faces; Majja Samstha or of the tissue of brain; Hamsavati; Mukhya Shakti Samanvita or of Powers of respiration; Haridraannaika Rashika or fond of Turmeric; Haakini rupa dhaarini or assumes the Form of Hakini in the Shri Chakra; Sahasra dala padmasthaa or the inhabitant inside in the thousand leafed Lotus; Sava Varnobhi sevitaa or magnifecent all the Alphabet Letters; from A to Ksha;  Sarvaayudha dhara or is well equipped with all Astra-Shastraas; Shukla samsthitaa or  the abode of  ‘Ojas’ or tissue of Virility; Sarvatomukhi or has the power visioning from all the directions; Sarvoudana preeta chitta or fond of all kinds of food;  Yaakinyaambaa Swarupini or of the Form of Yakinyaamba; Devi! You are Swaahaa or the oblataion to Agni and Swadha or oblation to Pitaras; Mati or Buddhi / Intellect; Shruti or Veda; Smriti or Manu Shastra about morality and Anuttama or the Supreme Most).                                                                              

Punya keertih Punya labhyaa Punya Shravana Keertanaa,

Pulomajaarchitaa Bandha mochani Bandhuraalakaa/

Vimarsha rupini Vidyaa viyadaadi Jagatprasuh,

Sarva Vyaadhi prashamani Sarva Mrityu nivaarini/

Agraganyaachinthya rupaa Kalikalmasha naashani,

Katyaayani Kalahantri Kamalaaksha nishevitaa/

Taambula purita mukhi daadimi Kusuma prabhaa,

Mrigaakshi Mohini Mukhyaa Mridaani Mitra Rupini/

Nitya truptaa Bhaktanidhir niyantri Nikhileswari,

Maitryaadi Vaasanaalabhyaa Mahaa Pralaya Saakshini/

Paraa Shaktih Paraa Nishthaa Prajnaana ghana rupini,

Maadhvi paanaalasaa matthaa Maatrikaa Varna rupini/

Mahaa Kailaasa nilayaa Mrinaala Mridu dorlataa,

Mahaniyaa dayaa murtir Mahaa saamraajya shaalini/

Atma Vidyaa Mahaa Vidyaa Shri Vidyaa Kaama Sevitaa,

Shri Shodashaakshari Vidyaa Trikutaa Kaamakotikaa/                                                                        

Devi! The auspicious episodes of your glory provide worth and value to your Devotees; such merits are derived due to the attainment of good results of previous births; merely hearing and extolling your magnificence would be commendable; Pulomajarchita or the wife of Indra worshipped You to avoid the torments faced by Nahusha the short time Indra, you saved her with your grace; Bandha Mochani or the liberator of Samsara’s bindings; Barbaraalakaa or with beautiful and wavy hair style enhancing charm; Vimarsha Rupini or high capacity to distinguish realities of life or otherwise; Vidya the Epitome of Knowledge; Viyadaadi Jagat Prasuh or You provide relief from the Elements of Nature; Sarva Vyaadhi Prashamani or the Curer of all kinds  Physical and mental deficiencies; Sarva Mrityu Nivarini or the diffuser of all types of death; Agraganya or the Superlative; Achintya rupa or Unapproachable by thought and imagination; Kali Kalmasha Naashini or the demolisher of  sins prone to Kali Yuga; Katyaayani Devi; Kalahantri or the destroyer of the Concept of Time; Kamalaaksha Nivesita or worshipped by Vishnu; Tambula Poorita Mukhi or satisfied with mouthful of betel-leaf juice; Daadimi Kusuma Prabha or likened with the redness of pomogranate flower; Mrigaakshi or of the fascinating eyes of a deer; Mohini; Mukhya the Chief; Mridani or the Queen of Maha Deva; Mitra Rupini or of the Form of Surya; Nitya Tripta or always contented; Bhakta Nidhi or the Ever Available Fund of Fulfillment of Devotees; Niyantri or the Designer and Enforcer of Rules and Regulations;  Maitraadi Vaasanaalabhya or the attainer of excellent propensities like Maitri or amity and rapport; Maha Pralaya Saakshini or the Sole Witness of the Great Dissolution; Paraa Shakti; Paraa Nishtha or the Ultimate Spiritual Effort; Prajnaana Ghana Rupini or the Embodiment of the Highest Consciousness; Maadhvi Paanaalasaa or Intoxicated by Spiritual Excellence; Mattaa or fully oblivious of  the worldly affairs due to that kind of intoxication; Maatrikaa Varna rupini or of the various Forms of Matrikas; Maha Kailasa Nilaya; Mrinala Mridu Dorlata or with the soft hands like those of Lotus Stalks; Maaniya; Daya Murti; Mahaa Saamraajya Shaalini; Atma Vidya or the Knowledge of the Supreme Self; Maha Vidya; Shri Vidya or of Mantras like Bala, Pancha Dashi, Sodashi and soon; Kama Sevita or worshipped by Manmatha; Shri Shodasaakshari Vidya viz. the Mantra ofShri Raja Rajeshwari Mantra; Trikuta or of Mantra Panchaadashi comprising Three Kutaas viz. Kaamaraaja, Vaagbhava and Shakti Kutaas and Kaama Kotika or Devi has the eminence of Shiva).


 Kataaksha kinkari bhuta Kamalaakoti Sevitaa,

Shirasthitaa Chandranibhaa Phaalasthendra Dhanuh Prabha/

Hridayasthaa Ravi prakhyaa Trikonaantara deepikaa,

Daakshaayani Daitya hantri Daksha Yagna Vinaashini/

Daraandolita Deergaakshi Darahaasojjwalanmukhi,

Guru Murtirguna nidhirgomaataa guha janma bhuh/

Devesi danda nitisthaa daharaakaasha rupini,

Pratipanmukyharaakaanta Tithi Mandala Pujitaa/ 

Kalaatmikaa Kalaanaathaa Kavyaalaapa vinodini,

Sachaamara Ramaa Vaani Savya dakshina sevitaa/

Adi Shaktirameyaatmaa Paramaa Paavanaakritih,

Aneka koti Brahmaanda Janani Divya Vigrahaa/

Kleenkaari Kevalaa Guhyaa Kaivalya pada daayini,

Tripuraa Trijagadvandyaa Trimurtirstridasheshwari/

Tryakshari Divya gandaadhyaa Sindura Tilakaanchitaa,

Umaa Shailendra Ganayaa Gouri Gandharva Sevitaa/

(Devi! Your gracious looks could create crores of Lakshmi Devis who in turn create innumerable forms of prosperity to your devotees; You are situated at the ‘Brahma Randhra’ of one’s head; Chandranibha! or of Chandra Devas’s sheen; Phaalkastaa or the resident of forehead shining with the varied colours of rainbows; You are Hridayasthaa or situated in the hearts; Ravi Prakhya or of Surya’s brilliance; Trikonaantara Deepikaa or the luminosity of the traingle inside the Shri Chakra; Dakshayni; Daitya hantri the killer of Daityas; Daksha Yagna Vidnaashani; Daraandolita deergaakshi or with long eyes moving slightly; Darahaaso-jjvalan mukhi or with a smile indicative of your internal gladness; Guru Murti or the Untimate Teacher; Guna nidhi or the Fund of Satwa-Raajasika-Taamasika Gunaas! Deveshi! Danda Nitistha or the Enforcer of Punishments; Daharaakaasha Rupini or of the Form of Space above all the Lokaas or figuratively the space inside the heart of Lotus! Pratipan-mukhyaraakaantaa or the Forms of the fifteen phases of Moon as Devi is worshipped; Kalaatmika or of Chandra’s Sixteen, Surya’s twenty four and Agni’s ten ‘Kalaas’or units of splendour; Kalaa naathaa or the Chief of Kalaas; Kaavyaalaapa Vinodini or possessive of interest in Literary Activities; Sachaamara Ramaa Vaani Savya Dakshina Sevita or served with ‘Chamara’ hand-fan by Lakshmi and Saraswati on Your right and left sides; Adi Shakti; Ameya or quantifiable;  Atma; Parama or the Final; Paavanaakruti or the Form of Sanctity; Aneka Koti Brahmaanda Janani or the Mother of countless Universes; Divya Vigraha; Kleem -kaari or the representation of the Beeja by that name; Kevala or the Unique; Guhya or Enigmatic; Kaivalya pada daayani or the bestower of Moksha; Tri Pura or of Three Characteristics; Tri Jagad Vandya or worshipped by the Three Lokas; Tri Murti; Tri Dasheswari or the Ultimate of Three Dashaas or of Jeevatma-Jaagriti-Paramatma or otherwise : a Person-Awakening and Ishwari; Tryakshari or Three Bija Mantras; Divya Gandhaadhyaa or the Form of Celestial Fragrance; Sindura Tilakanchita or Devi with Sindura on her forehead; Uma; Shailendra Tanaya or the daughter of  a Mountain King; Gauri; Gandharva Sevita or worshipped by Gandharvas).                                                                                                                                          

Vishwa Garbha Swarna Garbha Varadaa Vaagadhiswari,

Dhyanagamya paricchedyaa Jnaanada Jnaana Vigrahaa/

Sarva Vedaanta Samvedyaa Satyaananda Swarupini,

Lopaa- mudraarchitaa leelaa klipta Brahmaandalaa/

Adrusyaa Drusya Rahitaa Vigjnaatri Vedya –varjitaa,

Yogini Yogadaa Yogyaa Yogaanandaa Yugandharaa/

Icchaa Shakti Jnaana Shakti Kriyaa Shakti Swarupini,

Sarvaadhaaraa Supratishthaa Sadasadrupa dhaarini/

Ashta Murtirajajaitri Loka Yatraa vidhaayani,

Ekaakini Bhumarupaa Nirdwaitaa Dwaita Varjitaa/

Annadaa Vasudaa Vriddhha Brahmaatmyaikya Swarupini,

Brihati Brahmani Braahmi Brahmaanandaa Balipriyaa/

Bhaashaa rupaa Brihatsenaa Bhaavaabhaava vivarjitaa,

Sukhaaraadhyaa Shubhakari Shobhanaa Sulabhaagatih/

Rajarajeswari Raajya daayini Raja vallabhaa,

Rajatkripaa Raaja Peetha nijaashritaah/                                                                       

(Vishwa garbha or the Universe is in her; Swarna garbha or the Mother of Vedas and Bijaaksharaas; Avarada or opposite of Varada / Bestower; Vaagadhishwari or Saraswati; Dhyana gamya ot the Target of Meditation; Aparicchedyaa or Undividable; Jnaanada or the Giver of Knowledge; Jnaana Vigraha or the Epitome of Jnana; Sarva Vedanta Samvedya or All the means of Knowledge like Vedas and Vedaangas are meant only to realise Devi; Satyaananda Swarupini or the Form of Truth and Happiness; Lopaamudraachita or worshipped by Devi Lopamudraa the wife of Agastya; Leelaa Klipta Brahmaanda mandalaa or You create the several Brahhmandaas only for your happiness; Adrushya or Unseen; Drusya rahita or Unvisionable; Vigjnaatri or the Power of Knowledge;Vedya Varjitaa or You have nothing to see; Yogini; Yogadaa or the Giver of Yoga; Yogaananda; Yugandhara or the Protector of Yugas or Time; Icchaa Shakti, Jnaana Shakti, Kriya Shakti Swarupini or the Shakti of Will, Knowledge and Deed and their Forms; Sarvaadhaara; Supratishta or Well-Established; Sat-Asat Rupa Dharini; Ashta Murti or Lakshmi-Medha-Dhara-Pushti-Gauri-Tushti-Prabha-Dhriti; Ajaa Jaitri or the Conquerer of the Unborn or Ignorance; Loka Yatraa Vidhayani or the Decider of Life-Circle; Ekaakini the Most Lonely; Bhuma Rupa or of the State beyond Consciousness; Nirdwaita or Unique or The Singular;  Beyond Duality; Ananda;  Vasuda or Provider of Prosperity; Vriddha or the Oldest;  Brihati or Huge; Brahmani or the Wife of Brahma or Sarswati; Brahmaananda; Bali Priya or Fond of Sacrifices; Bhasha Rupa or The Form of Language; Brihatsena or the Possessor of Massive Army; Sukhaaradhya or worshippable with ease; Shubhakari or the Provider of Auspiciousness; Shobhana  Sulabhaa Gatih or the easiest way of securing Salvation; Raja Rajeswari or the Maha Raajni; Rajya Dayani or the bestower of Kingdoms; Rajya Vallabha; Rajat Kripa or the Merciful with grace; and  Raja peetha Nivesita Nijaashraya or your devotees are seated around you on thrones of Rajyas).                                                         

Rajya Lakshmih Kosha nathaa Koshanaathaa Chaturanga Baleshwari,

Saamraajya daayani Satya sandhaa Saagara mekhalaa/

Dikshitaa Daitya shamani Sarva loka vashankari,

Sarvaardha Dhaartri Savitri Sacchidaananda Rupini/

Desakaalaa paricchinna sarvagaa Sarva Mohini,

Saraswati Shastra mayi Guhaambaa Guhya Rupini/

Sarvopaadhi vinirmuktaa Sadaa Shiva Pativrataa,

Sampradaayeshwari Saadhvi Gurumandala Rupini/

Kulotteernaa Bhagaaraadhyaa Mayaa Madhumati Mahi,

Ganaambaa Guhyakaaraadhyaa Komalaangi Gurupriyaa/

Swatantraa Sarva Tantresi Dakshinaamurti Rupini,

Sanakaadi Samaaraadhyaa Shiva Jnaana Pradaayani/

Chitkalaananda kalikaa Premarupaa Priyankari,

Naamapaaraa –yana preetaa Nandi Vidyaa Nateswari/

Midhyaa Jagadadhishtaanaa Muktidaa Muktirupini,

Laasyapriyaa Layakari Lajjaa Rambhaadi Vanditaa/

(Rajya Lakshmi! You are the Koshanathaa or the Treasurer or the Chief of Koshas or Sheaths / domains viz.Manomaya, Praanamaya, Annamaya, Anaandamaya and Vigyanamaya; Chaturanga Baleswari or the Head of four types of Army viz. Cavalry, Elephantry, Chariotry and Infantry; Samrajya dayani; Satya sandha the Upkeeper of Words and Abider of Truth; Saagara mehala or Oceans are  your girdles; Dikshita or the Initiator of Mantras; Daitya Shamani or the Destroyer of Daityas; Sarva loka vashankari or the Administrator of all Lokas; Sarvaartha daatri or the Bestower of Purusharthaas of Dharma-Artha-Kaama-Moksha; Savitri; Sacchidaanada Rupini; Desa Kaala Paricchinna or Unconditioned by Space and Time; Sarvaga or Present always and every where; Sarva Mohini or the Supreme Enchantress; Sarasvati; Shastramayi or the Essence of Shastras; Guhamba or the Mother of Skanda; Guhya Rupini or the Form of Secrecy; Sarvopaadhi Vinirmuktaa or beyond all limitations and bindings; Sadasiva Paivrata; Sampradaayeswari or the Queen of Traditions; Saadhvi or the female Sadhu; Guru mandala rupini or the Tradition of Gurus; Kulottirna or beyond Kula or tradition; Bhagaaraadhya or worshipped by Sun; Maya or Illusion; Madhumati or Blissful; Mahi or Bhumi; Ganaamba or Mother of Ganaas and Ganesha; Komalangi or of delicate Body Parts; Guru Priya or the Beloved of Shiva the Adi Guru; Swarantra or Independent; Sarva Tantreshi or the Ruler of Tantras; Dakshinamurti Rupini or manifested as Shiva’s Form as Adi Guru; Sanakadi Samaaraadhya or worshipped by Maha Munis like Sanaka; Shiva jnaana pradaayani or the provider of Shiva Tatwa or Awareness; Chitkala or Pure Consciousness; Ananda Kalika or the inhabitant of joy; Prema Rupa; Naama paaraayana preeta or is fond of recitation of her names; Nandi Vidya or the Mantra by which Nandeswara pleased her; Nateswari or the Queen of NatyaShastra; Midhyaa Jagadadhistaana or the Presider of the Illusory Universe; Muktidaa or the Provider of Salvation; Mukti Rupini or the Form of Salvation; Lasya Priya or fond of Cosmic Dance; Layakari or the Pralayakaarini; Lajja or Modesty; and Rambhaadi vandita or worshipped by Apsaras like Rambha).                                                                  

Bhavadaava Sudhaa Vrishtih Paapaaranya Davaanalaa,

Dourbhaagya toolavaatulaa Jaraa-dhvaantaravi prabhaa/

Bhyagyaabhi chandrikaa Bhakta chittha keki Ghanaa Ghana,

Roga Parvatadambholirmrityudaaru kuthaarikaa/

Maheshwari Maha Kaali Mahaa Graasaa Mahaashana,

Aparnaa Chandikaa Chandamundaasura nishudini/

Ksharaksharaatmika Sarva Lokeshi Vishwa dhaarini,

Trivarga dhaatri Subhagaa Traimbikaa Trigunaatmikaa/

Swargaapa vargadaa Shuddhaa Japaapapushpa nibhaakrutih,

Ojovati Dyutidharaa Yagjna rupaa Priyavrataa/

Duraaraadhyaa Duraadharshaa Paatali Kusumapriyaa,

Mahati Meru nilayaa Mandaara kusuma priyaa/

Veeraaraadhyaa Viraadrupaa Virajaa Vishwato mukhi,

Pratyakgrupaa Paraakaashaa Praanadaa Praana rupini/

Maartaanda Bhairavaaraadhyaa Mantrininyasta raajyadhuh,

Tripureshi Jaatsenaa nistraigunyaa Paraaparaa/

(Bhavadaava Sudhaa Vrishtih or the rain of Amrita drowns the forest of Samsaara; Paapaaranya dawaanala or the Fire broken in the Forest would destroy the woods of sins; Jaraadhwaanta Ravi prabhaa or old age is dispersed by the emerging Surya’s rays; Bhakta Chitta keki gahanaa ghana or as a Peacok dances at the sight of clouds on the Sky, Lalita Devi prompts devotees to dance with their devotion; Roga Parvata Dambholi or Devi smashes diseases of the mind and body of devotees; Mrityu daaru kuthaarika Devi! You are the axe that brings down the tree of death;  Maheshwari! Maha Kaali! Mahaa Graasaa or the gigantic heap of Food;  Mahaashana or the huge serve of food to the devotees; Aparna or She who paid penance to Shiva even without eating leaves; Chandika or furious with the Evil; Chanda Mundaasura Nishudini or the Terminator of the Asuras called Chanda and Munda; Kshara ksharaatmika or of the Swarupa of both destructible and indestructible forms; Sarva Lokeshi; Vishwa dhaarini or who covers all the Lokaas with her shield; Trivarga Dhaatri or the Upholder of Dharma-Artha-and Kaama; Subhaga or the Form of Surya; Traimbika or the Three Eyed of Surya-Chandra and Agni;  Trigunaatmika or of the Swarupa of Satwa-Raajasa- Tamo gunaas; Swargaapavarga -daa or the provider of Swarga of Happiness for a limited period till the Punya Phala is drained but Apavarga is everlasting Salvation; Suddha; Ojovati or the giver of vitality; Dyuti- dhara or the provider of illumination of knowledge; Yajna Swarupa; Priya Vrata or Devi likes all kinds of Vratas; Duraaraadhyaa or She does not encourage worship by those who are unable to control their own misgivings; Duraadharsha  or does not assist those who out of  evil influences refuse to reform themselves; Paatali Kusuma Priya or Devi likes Paatali flowers; Meru nilaya or Meru Mountain is her Place of stay; Mandara Kusuma Priya; Veeraa- raadhyaa or worshipped by the courageous; Vitat Rupa or of Macro Form; Viraja or without Rajasika Guna; Vishwato mukhi or directly facing the Universe; Pratyagrupa or introvert; Paraakaasha or the Ultimate Cosmos; Pranada or the Life-giver; Prana Rupini or the very life; Martanda Bhavravaaraadhya or the one worshipped by Bhairava named Martanda [ Of the other Bhayairavas are stated to be Kaala Bhairava, Kshetrapala Bhairava, Ruru Bhairava, Chanda Bhairava, Asitanga Bhairava, Krodha Bhairava and Unmatta Bhairava]; Mantran –yasta Rajyadhuh or she entrusts the duties of administration to her Minister Raja Shyamala; Tripuresi; Jayatsena or she has her ever-victorious divine army; Nistraigunya or unscathed by the Three Gunas and Paraapara or the Ultimate Reality).                                                  

Satyajnaananda Rupaa Saamararya Paraayanaa,

Kapardini Kalaamaalaa Kaamadhuk Kaama rupini/

Kalaanidhih Kaavya Kalaa Rasajnaa Rasa sevadhih,

Pushtaa Puraatanaa Pujyaa Pushkaraa Pushkarekshanaa/

Param Jyotih Paramdhaama Paramaanuh Paraatparaa,

Paasha hastaa Paasha hantri Paramantra Vibhedini/

Murtaamurtaa Nitya tripaa Muni Maanasa hamsikaa,

Satya vrataa Satya rupaa Sarvaantaryaamini Sati/

Brahmaani Brahma janani Bahu rupaa Budhaarchitaa,

Prasavitri Prachandaajnaa Pratishthaa Prakataakritih/

Praaneswari Praana daatri Panchaasatpeetha rupini,

Vishunkhalaa Viviktasthaa Veeramaataa viyatprashuh/

Mukundaa Mukti nilayaa Mula Vigraha rupini,

Bhaavajnaa Bhava rogaghnee Bhava Chakra pravartini/

Chhandassaaraa Saastra saaraa mantra saaraa Taloari,

Udaara keerti ruddhaama Vaibhavaa Varna rupini/ 

(Devi! Your characteristics are Truth-Knowledge-Bliss; desirous of maintaining the equal eminence of Shiva; Kapardni! Kalaa maalaa! Kamadhuk or Kamadhenu; Kama Rupini! Kalaa Nidhi! Kavya kalaa! Rasajna or proficient in tastes; Rasa Sevadhi or Sea of bliss; Pushta or well-nurtured; Puratana; Pujya; Pushkara or the Sacred Tirtha by that name; Pushhkarekshana or with charming eyes like lotus-petals; Parama Jyoti or the Supreme Luminosity that provides radiance to Surya-Chandra-Agni; Parama dhaama or the zenith point where Devi resides; Paramaanu or the infinitesimal atom; Paraatpara or Out of reach to the Peak; Pasha Hasta or Pasha in her hand; Paasha hantri or the smasher of bonds; Paramamtra vibhedini or the demolisher of Evil Mantras; Murtaamurtaa or Perceptible and Imperceptible Forms; Nitya Triptaa or always satisfied with services tendered  with devotion; Muni Maanasa Hamsikaa or is like a female Swan swimming in the pious minds of Sages; SatyaVrata;Satya Rupa; Sarvaantaryamini; Bhaahmani; Brahma Janani; Bahu Rupa; Budhaarchita or worshipped by Jananis or the Enlightened; Prasavitri or the one who delivers;  Prachanda Ever Irated; Pratishtha or of well-established prestige;  Prakataakriti or well experienced Form; Praaneswari; Praana daatri or Provider of Life Force; Panchaashat Peetha Rupini or the Seat of fifty six alphabet letters from ‘A’ to ‘Ksha’; Vishrunkhala or free from shackles; Viviktastha or readily realisable in Sacred Places; Vira Mata! Viyatprashuh or who created Akasha; Mukunda; Mukti Niyaya or of Five Kinds of Mukti viz. Salokya, Saamipya; Saarupa, Saayujya and Brahma;  Mula Vigraha Rupini or the Very Original Sourcer of all kinds of Energies; Bhaavajna o r who knows the Bhaavas or thoughts and the Reality; Bhava Rogaghni or the destroyer of all types of dieases; Bhava chakra Pravartini  or the Animator of the Cycle of births and deaths; Talodari! you have  the Nether Lokas in your belly! You are the Essence of Chhandaas or Prosody-the Essence of Shastras; the Essence of Mantras and you enjoy Keerti and  unending magnificence as also the Embodiment of Varnaas and Vedas).                                                                                                                        

Janmamrityu jaraatapa Jana vishraanti daayini,

Sarvopanishadudghushtaa Santyateeta kalaatmika/

Gambheera Gaganaantastha Garvitaa Gaanalolupaa,

Kalpanaatahitaa Kaashtaakaantaa Kantaardha Vigrahaa/

Karya kaarana nirmuktaa Kaamakeli tarangitaa,

Kanatkanaka taatankaa Leelaa vigraha dhaarini/

Ajaa Kshaya vinirmuktaa Mugdhaa Kshipra prasaadini,

Antarmukha Samaaraadhyaa Bahirmukha sudurlabhaa/

Trayee Tri –varga nilayaa Tristhaa Tripuramaalini,

Niraamayaa Niuraalambaa Swaatmaaraamaa Sudhaa srutih/

Samsaara panka nirmagna samuddharana Panditaa,

Yagnapriyaa Yagna kartri Yajamaana Swarupini /

Dharmaadhaaraa Dhanaadhyakhsaa Dhana Dhaanya vivardhini,

Vipra Priyaa Vipra rupaa Vishwa bhramana kaarini/

Vishwa graasaa Vidrumaabhaa Vaishnavi Vishnu rupini,

Ayoniryoni nilayaa kutasthaa Kularupini/            

(Devi! You have been the Saviour of all those devotees who were smitten in the Birth-Death-Old Age syndrome  by providing them knowledge and solace; all the Upanishads had declared that there was no duality of existence and that there was only one viz. You who were Santyatita Kalaatmika or the Singular Force, Gambhira or Complex to Know, Gaganaantasta or present in Sky and Space beyond; Garvita or rightfully proud as the Cause and Creation; You were lost in the resonance of Sama Vedaa; Kalpanaa Rahita or of  Pure Consciousness; Kaashtha or the Target to reach; Aakaanta or Anantha; Kaantaardha Vigraha or Artha Naareeswara; Karya Kaarana Nirmukta or Devoid of Cause and Effect; Kamakeli tarangita or engaged in constant play with Shiva; Kanatkanaka Tatanka or of sparkling golden ear- rings; Leelaa Vigraha Dhaarini or You change many Forms for your own fun; Aja or birthless; Kshaya vinirmuktaa or devoid of degeneration; Mugdhaa or Unassuming; Kshipra Prasaadini or the Provider of her kindness to her devotees; Antarmukha Samaaraadhyaa or who could  be worshipped through introspection; but you are difficult to be realised only by external services without that firm faith; Trayi or of the personification of Three Vedas of Ruk-Yajur-Saamaa; Trivarga nilaya or of Three Gunas; Tripura Malini, Niraamaya or of no ill health; Niraalamba or Niraadhaara /  supportless; Swatmaaraama or Self-delighted; Sudhaa Shruti or the Stream of Bliss experienced from one’s own devotion; Samsara panka nirmagna Samuddharana Pandita or Devi! You are an expert to lift up sincere devotees from the quagmire of Samsara just as Bhagavan Varaha rescued Bhu Devi from Rasaatala! You are Yagna Priya, Yagna Kartri and Yajamaana Swarupini; You are Dharmaadhaara;  Dhaana -adhyaksha; Dhana Dhaanya Vivarthini or the Developer of wealth and food; You are Vipa Priya; Vipra Rupa; Vishwa Bhramama Kaarini or rotates the wheel of travel round the World  involving Jeevas; You are also Vishwa graasa or the  Rotator of the various lokas till  Pralaya halts the wheel; Vidrumaabhaa or the radiance of  coral from the Vidruma Tree of Knowledge; Vaishnavi; Vishnu Rupini; Ayoniryoni nilaya or the Root Cause being the first triangle of Shri Chakra and the Source of the Causes; Kutastha or the Peak of Ignorance; Devi! You are Kula Rupini in the normal sense of Varnaashrama but also referring to Kula being Mulaadhaara Chakra).                                           

Veera goshthipriya Veera Naishkarmyaa naada Rupini,

Vigjnaana Kakalaa Kalyaa Vidagdhaa Baindavaasanaa/

Tatwaadhikaa Tatwmayi Tatwamadtha Swarupini,

Saamagaana priya Soumya Sadaa Shiva Kutumbini/

Savyaapasavya maargasthaa Sarvaapadvinivaarini,

Swasthaa Swabhaava madhuraa Dhiraa Dhira samarchitaa/

Chaitanyaarghya sanaara –adhyaa  Chaitanya Kusumapriya,

Sadoditaa Sadaa Tushtaa Tarunaaditya Paatalaa/

Dakshinaa Dakshinaaraaghyaa Darasmera mukhaambujaa,

Koulini Kevalaanarghya Kaivalya ada daayani/

Stortapriyaa Stutimati Shruti samstuta vaibhavaa,

Manasvinimaanavati Maheshi Mangalaakritih/

Vishwa Maataa Jagaddhaatri Visaalaakshi Viraagini,

Pragalbhaa Paramodaaraa Paraamodaa Manomayi/

Vyomakeshi Vimaanasthaa Vajrini Vaamakeswari,

Pancha Yagna priyaa Pancha preta manchaadhi shayani/                          

(Viragoshthi priya or Devi is interested in the Advanced ‘Upaasakaas’ or concentrated Meditators and their goshti or discourses; Veera! as you had killed Bhandasura; Naishkarmya or without any action since no action is to be done by her seriously; Nadarupini or Shabda Brahma; Vigjnaana kalana kalya or perceiving Knowledge by way of ‘Atmaanubhava’; Vidagdha or proficient; Baindavaasana or seated in ‘Bindu’ or the central point of Shri Chakra the precise place of Shiva; Tatwaadhika or surpassing the zones of Tatwa like Shabda, Sprarsha and so on; Tatwamayi or however She is the Sarva Tatwa Swarupa; Tatwamartha Swarupini or the symbol of what Tatwa is all about; Saama gaana priya; Soumya; Sada Shiva Kutumbini or the entirety of ‘Charaachara Srishti’! Savyaapasaya Maargasthaa or the Savya Marga or Dakshina Marga followed by Sages, Brahmanas and Maharshis but Apasavya Marga is followed by Bhairavas and so on called Vaama marga; Sarvaapad vinivaarini or eliminator of disasters; Swastha or Self- Established; Swabhava Madhura or of Natural Pleasantness; Dhira or courageous; Dhira Samarchita or worshipped by the dauntless but not by timid or foolish; Chaitanyaarghya Samaaraadhyaa or worshipped by those who are enlightened with Sacred Water; Chaitanya Kusuma Priya or Devi enjoys being offered ‘Atma Jnaana’ as a flower of worship; Sadoditaa : Devi is always in the fresh memory of her devotees; Sadaa Tusthaa or always gratified due to reverences paid by the devotees; Tarunaaditya Patala or she is like a rising Sun of crimson hue; Dakshinaadakshinaaraadhya or or Devi is worshipped by Savyaapasavya marga; Darasmera Mukhaambujaa or she is ever pleasant and smiling to devotees; Kaulini or worshipped  by the followers of the specified Tantra; Kevala or Solitary; Anarghya Kaivalya Pada daayani or Devi bestows the matchless Kaivalya to the devotees; Stotra Priya; Stutimati or she is possessive of such inimitable characteristics that are adorable; Shruti Samstuta Vaibhava or the glories of Devi are commended by Vedas and Shastras; She is Manaswini or Controller of Mind; Manavati; Maheshi; Mangalaakriti; Viswa maataa; Jagaddaatri;Vishalaakshi; Vairaagini or detached; Pragalbha or dominant; Paramodaara or highly liberal; Paraamoda or of Ultimate Gladness; Manomayi or of Pure Mind; Vyomakeshi or Aakaasha as her hair; Vimanastha;  Vajrini; Vaamakeshwari or worshipped by Vaamakeshwara Tantra; Panchagni priya or of worship to Deva, Pitara, Brahma, Bhuta and Manushya; Panchapreta Manchaadhi shayani or of Five Pretas viz. Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Sada Shiva and Maheswara).


Panchami Pancha Bhutesi Pancha samkhyopachaarini,

Shaswati Shashwataishravyaa Sharmadaa Shambumohini/

Dharaa Dharasutaa Dhanyaa Dharmini Dharma vardhini,

Lokaatita Gunaatitaa Sarvaatita Shamatmika/

Bandhuka Kusuma prakhyaa Baalaa Lilaa Vinodini,

Sumangali Sukhakari Suveshaadhyaa Suvaasini/

Suvaasinyarchana preetaa Shobhanaa Shuddha Maanasaa,

Bindu Tarpana Santushtaa Purvajaa Tripuraambikaa/

Dasha Mudraa Samaaraadhyaa Tripuraa Shri Vashankari,

Jnaana Mudraa Jnaana Gamya Jnaana Jneya Swaripini/

Yoni Mudraa Trikhandeshi Trigunaambaa Trikonagaa,

Anaghaadhbhuta Chaaritraa Vaanchitaartha Pradaayani/

Abhyaasaatishayajnaataa Shadadhwaateeta rupini,

Avyaaja Karunaa Murtiajnaana dhwaanta Deepikaa/

Aabaala Gopa Viditaa Sarvaanullanghya Shasanaa/

Shri Chakra Raaja Nilayaa Shrimat Tripura Sundari/ 

Shri Shivaa Shiva Shaktyaika rupini Lalitaambikaa,

Evam Shri Lalitaa Devyaa Naamnaam Saaharakam Jaguh/

Iti Shri Brahmaanda Puraaney Uttara Khandey

Shri Haya- greevaagasthya Samvaadey

Shri Lalitaa Rahasya naama Saahasra Stotra Kathanam Naama Dwiteeyodhyaayah/                                                                                                               

(Panchami or the Spouse of the fifth Lord mentioned afore; You are Pancha Bhuteshi or the Sovereign of Prithvi-Aapas-Tejas-Vayu-Aakasha; Pancha Samkhyopa –Charini viz. Lam                   ( Gandham), Ham (Pushpam), Yam (Incense), Vam (Naivedyam) and Sam (Naanaa Vidhopachaaraan); Shaswati (Ever Lasting); Shasvathaishwarya or Eternal Wealth; Sharmadaa (Provider of Happiness); Shambhu Mohini; Dhara or the Massive Support; Dhara Suta or the daughter of Himavaan; Dhanyaa or the Blessed One as Shambhu Patni; Dharmini or the Embodiment of Virtue and Truth; Dhama Vardhini or the Organiser of Dharma; Lokaateeta or surpasser of Lokaas; Gunaatita or far beyond the Tri Gunas; Sarvaatita or transcends Universes; Shamaatmika or the Personification of Tranquility; Bandhuka Kusuma Prakhyaa or like the Red Bandhuka Flower; Bala or Bala Tripura Sundari; Leelaa Vinodini or Enjoying the Playful Sport of  Universal Creation and so on; Sumangali or the Most Auspicious wedded spouse of Shiva; Sukhakari; Suveshaadhya or dressed up perfectly with Vastra, precious jewellery, sandal paste; perfumery, betel juice in mouth and so on; Suvasini; Suvaasinyarchana preetaa or appy to be worshipped by Suvaasinis; Asobhana or eternallly youthful and charming; Suddha Maanasa or of Pure Heart and Thought; Bindu Tarpana Samtushta or she is very contented by performing Bindu Tarpana in the Shri Chakra’s inner most Chakra called Sarvaananda maya; Purvaja or the First Movement of Supreme Consciousness of Herself; Tripuraambika; Dasa Mudra Samaaraadhya orworshipped by Ten Mudras or hand-finger gestures [viz.Sankshobhini (Jolting), Baana (Arrow), Aakarshana (Attraction), Vashya (Power), Unmaada (Ecstasy), Mahaankusha (the Great Goad), Khechary    ( Flying),Vijayini (Victory), Trikhanda (Three Sections) and Dhanu (Bow)] ; Tripuraa Shri Vashamkari or the Fifth Chakra of Shri Chakra; Jnaana Mudra or the Gesture of Upadesha or Initiation forming a circle with the thumb and index fingers stretching the other fingers to signify the Final Reality is complete;  Jnaana Gamya or Jnaana is the Goal;  Jnaana-Jneya Swarupini or Lalita Devi is the Knowledge as also the Jneya or the one  to Know; Yoni Mudra one of the Mudras; Tri Khandeshi or another Mudra indicating the Unity of Tri Khandas; Triguna; Ambaa; Tri Konagaa; Anagha or free from Sins; Adbhuta Chaaritra; Vaanchitarta prayayani or Fulfiller of desires; Abyaasaatisaya Jnaataa or Devi could be realised by constant practice of meditation and puja; Shadadhwatita Rupini or Six methods of Realisation of Lalita Devi include three related to Shakti called Mantraawaas viz. Varnas, Padaas or words and Mantras as also three Tatwaardhaas of Shiva including Kalaas,  Tatwaas and Bhuvanaas; AvyaajaKarunaa Murti referring to Maternal Affection; Ajnaana dhwaanta deepikaa or the Great Illumination that destroys darkness / ignorance; Aabaala Gopaala Viditaa or known to Children and even Cowherds; Sarnaanullangha Shasana or none could ever disobey this Shasana or Ruling; This command is by Shri Chakra Raja Nilaya, Shrimat Tripura Sundari, Shri Shiva, Shiva Shaktaika Swarupini and Shri Lalitambika!!)

Lalita Sahasra Naama Phala Shruti

Iteyna Naama Sahasramcha kathitam tey Ghatodbhavah,

Rahasyaanaam rahasyamcha Lalitaa preeti daayakam/

Anena sadrusham Stotram na Bhutam na Bhavishyati,

Sarva roga prashanam Sarva sampadprabandhakam/

Sarvaapamrityu shamanakaala Mrityu nivaarinam,

Sarvajjwaraarti shamanam Deerghayushya pradaayakam/

Putrapradamaputraanaam Purushaarthapradaayakam,

Idam Viseshaacchridevyaah Stotram Preetividhaayakam/

Japennityam Prayatnena Lalitopaasti tatparah,

Praatah Snaatwaa Vidhaanena Sandhyaa  Karma samaapyacha/

Puja griham tato gatwaa Chakra Raajam samarchyayet,

Japey sahasram vaa Trishatam shatameyvacha/

(Agastya Muni! Recitation of this highly Sacred and Secret Lalita Sahasra-naama Stotra is unparalleled either in the Past or in Future. This Stotra prevents diseases,  untimely and nagging deaths, extends life, bestows progeny and fulfills the Purushardhaas of Dharma-Artha-Kaama-Moksha.Hayagrivadeva strongly advised that one should make a sincere effort to recite the Stotra after purifying the body and mind, enter the Puja Griha,  perform the Sandhyaa Vandana and Gayatri Japa, worship the Shri Chakra formally and then recite the Devi Lalita Sahasra Naamaavali. The Punya that is accrued by bathing in Sacred Rivers like Ganga innumerable times or the Fruit secured by performing Prathishta of countless Shiva Lingas in Varanasi or the Phala secured by giving away Daanaas during Surya Grahana or Solar Eclipse at Kurukshetra would indeed exceed the Recitation of the Sahasra Naama. Digging wells and water bodies in deserts, performing Ashwamedha Yagnas on the banks of Ganga, organising ‘Anna Daanaas’to several Brahmanas, would all far exceed the Punya gained by the Recitation. Reciting even one Stanza of the Stotra would suffice to demolish serious sins, especially neglecting daily duties and continuously and conciously resorting to confirmed deeds of vice. It is like going to Himalayas to get rid of biting cold would be as infructuous as demolishig sins by means other than of reciting the Sahasra Naama! The Phala Shruti futher stated that the Recitation of the Stotras would be specially fruiful on Sacred days of Sankraanti, Vishu, birthdays of Self and near-dears, Navamis, Chaturdashis, Purnimas and on all Fridays. On Purnami evenings one could vision Devi Lalita in the Chandra Bimba and recitation at that time would provide far-reaching fruits of worship of which Devi Sahasranama is a significant input.

Sarva vyaadhi nivruttvartham Sprushtwaa Bhasma Japedidam

Tadbhasma dhaaranaadeva nashyanti Vyaadhayah Kshanaat!  

(To overcome all kinds of ailments, one should apply bhasma or ash on the body of the patient concerned by reciting the Stotra and indeed the latter would recover as soon as the Recitation is over. Persons affected by ‘Graha Peedaas’ or obstacles posed by Nava Grahas are bathed in the waters collected by vessels would soon be freed from the Planetary Aberrations. Even poison in the body would melt away by consuming water infused with the Mantras. A ‘kanya’ of one’s desire for a man, or a childless woman intensely craving for a  child, a bhakta desirous of overcoming ‘dushta prayogaas’ of Low Class and Abhicharika Shaktis, a devoted person who is a victim of theives and robbers or any such devotees of need, or redressal or justice are all well advised to most earnestly worship Lalita Devi who would fulfil all human aspirations with certainty

End of Brahmanda Purana

Om Tat Sat


(My humble salutations to  the lotus feet of Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Mahaswamy ji and also my humble greatulness to  Brahmasree Sreeman V D N Rao ji  for the collection)


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